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org.hibernate.test: Javadoc index of package org.hibernate.test.

Package Samples:



TestSelector: A custom Ant FileSelector used to limit the tests run from the Ant build script to only those defined in the AllTests suite. AllTests is used/maintained by the developers to easily run the test suite in all IDEs. It represents all the tests which should actually be run and included in test results.
InterceptorDynamicEntityTest: Demonstrates custom interpretation of entity-name through an Interceptor. Here, we are generating dynamic proxies on the fly to represent our entities. Because of this, Hibernate would not be able to determine the appropriate entity mapping to use given one of these proxies (they are named like $Proxy1, or such). Thus, we plug a custom Interceptor into the session to perform this entity-name interpretation.
ConnectionManagementTestCase: Common test cases relating to session management and how the sessions manages its underlying jdbc connection across different config scenarios. The different config scenarios are controlled by the individual test subclasses. In general, all the tests required are defined here in templated fashion. Subclassed then override various hook methods specific to their given scneario being tested.
DataProxyHandler: A simple java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler to act as the handler for our generated java.lang.reflect.Proxy -based entity instances. This is a trivial impl which simply keeps the property values into a Map.
TuplizerDynamicEntityTest: Demonstrates use of Tuplizers to allow the use of JDK dynamic proxies as our domain model. Here we plug a custom Interceptor into the session simply to allow us to not have to explicitly supply the appropriate entity name to the Session calls.
ASTParserLoadingTest: Tests the integration of the new AST parser into the loading of query results using the Hibernate persisters and loaders. Also used to test the syntax of the resulting sql against the underlying database, specifically for functionality not supported by the classic parser.
MyList: A custom collection class. We extend a java.util.Collection class, but that is not required. It could be totally non-java-collection type, but then we would need to implement all the PersistentCollection methods.
ClassicTranslatorTest: Some simple test queries using the classic translator explicitly to ensure that code is not broken in changes for the new translator. Only really checking translation and syntax, not results.
ProxyInterceptor: Our custom org.hibernate.Interceptor impl which performs the interpretation of entity-name -> proxy instance and vice-versa.
HqlParserTest: Tests the HQL parser on various inputs, just makes sure that the first phase of the parser works properly (i.e. no unexpected syntax errors).
EJB3LockTest: Tests specifically relating to section [Lock Modes] of the EJB3 persistence specification (as of the Proposed Final Draft ).
BaseCacheProviderTestCase: Common requirement testing for each org.hibernate.cache.CacheProvider impl.
BatchTest: This is how to do batch processing in Hibernate. Remember to enable JDBC batch updates, or this test will take a Very Long Time!
ReadOnlyTest: This is how to do batch processing in Hibernate. Remember to enable JDBC batch updates, or this test will take a Very Long Time!
Ejb3ProxyTest: Test relation between proxies and get()/load() processing and make sure the interactions match the ejb3 expectations
HQLTest: Tests cases where the AST based query translator and the 'classic' query translator generate identical SQL.
ScrollableCollectionFetchingTest: Tests the new functionality of allowing scrolling of results which contain collection fetches.
RepeatableReadTest: Test that the Hibernate Session complies with REPEATABLE_READ isolation semantics.
MonetaryAmountUserType: This is a simple Hibernate custom mapping type for MonetaryAmount value types.
ASTQueryTranslatorTest: Tests cases where the AST based QueryTranslator does not generate identical SQL.
BulkManipulationTest: Tests execution of bulk UPDATE/DELETE statements through the new AST parser.
TestSuiteVisitor: Handles walking a TestSuite hierarchy for recognition of individual tests.
AbstractClassLoaderIsolatedTestCase: A specialized TestCase for running tests in an isolated class-loader
QueryTranslatorTestCase: Test case superclass for testing QueryTranslator implementations.
TriggerGeneratedValuesWithCachingTest: Implementation of TriggerGeneratedValuesWithoutCachingTest.

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