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GSSContext   This interface encapsulates the GSS-API security context and provides the security services that are available over the context.  code | html
GSSCredential   This interface encapsulates the GSS-API credentials for an entity.  code | html
GSSName   This interface encapsulates a single GSS-API principal entity.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

GSSManager   This class serves as a factory for other important GSS-API classes and also provides information about the mechanisms that are supported.  code | html


ChannelBinding   This class encapsulates the concept of caller-provided channel binding information.  code | html
GSSException   This exception is thrown whenever a GSS-API error occurs, including any mechanism specific error.  code | html
MessageProp   This is a utility class used within the per-message GSSContext methods to convey per-message properties.

When used with the GSSContext interface's wrap and getMIC methods, an instance of this class is used to indicate the desired Quality-of-Protection (QOP) and to request if confidentiality services are to be applied to caller supplied data (wrap only). 

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Oid   This class represents Universal Object Identifiers (Oids) and their associated operations.

Oids are hierarchically globally-interpretable identifiers used within the GSS-API framework to identify mechanisms and name formats.

The structure and encoding of Oids is defined in ISOIEC-8824 and ISOIEC-8825. 

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