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public class: URLDeploymentScanner [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    URLDeploymentScannerMBean, DeploymentScanner, DeploymentScannerMBean, KernelControllerContextAware, ServiceMBean, MBeanRegistration, NotificationEmitter

Direct Known Subclasses:
    FarmMemberService, HttpURLDeploymentScanner

A URL-based deployment scanner. Supports local directory scanning for file-based urls.
Nested Class Summary:
protected class  URLDeploymentScanner.DeployedURL  A container and help class for a deployed URL. should be static at this point, with the explicit scanner ref, but I'm (David) lazy. 
Field Summary
protected  Set skipSet    A set of deployment URLs to skip 
protected  List urlList    The list of URLs to scan. 
protected  Set deployedSet    A set of scanned urls which have been deployed. 
protected  URLListerFactory listerFactory    Helper for listing local/remote directory URLs 
protected  File serverHome    The server's home directory, for relative paths. 
protected  URL serverHomeURL     
protected  Comparator sorter    A sorter urls from a scaned directory to allow for coarse dependency ordering based on file type 
protected  URLFilter filter    Allow a filter for scanned directories 
protected  IncompleteDeploymentException lastIncompleteDeploymentException     
protected  boolean doRecursiveSearch    Whether to search inside directories whose names containing no dots 
Fields inherited from org.jboss.deployment.scanner.AbstractDeploymentScanner:
scanPeriod,  scanEnabled,  stopTimeOut,  deployer,  mainDeployer,  scannerThread
Fields inherited from org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport:
SERVICE_CONTROLLER_SIG,  log,  server,  serviceName
Method from org.jboss.deployment.scanner.URLDeploymentScanner Summary:
addURL,   addURL,   createService,   deploy,   getFilter,   getFilterInstance,   getRecursiveSearch,   getURLComparator,   getURLList,   hasURL,   hasURL,   isDeployed,   listDeployedURLs,   makeURL,   preRegister,   removeURL,   removeURL,   resumeDeployment,   scan,   setFilter,   setFilterInstance,   setRecursiveSearch,   setURLComparator,   setURLList,   setURLs,   suspendDeployment,   undeploy,   updateSorter
Methods from org.jboss.deployment.scanner.AbstractDeploymentScanner:
createService,   destroyService,   getDeployer,   getScanPeriod,   getStopTimeOut,   isScanEnabled,   scan,   setDeployer,   setScanEnabled,   setScanPeriod,   setStopTimeOut,   startService,   stopService
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Method from org.jboss.deployment.scanner.URLDeploymentScanner Detail:
 public  void addURL(URL url) 
 public  void addURL(String urlspec) throws MalformedURLException 
 protected  void createService() throws Exception 
 protected  void deploy(DeployedURL du) 
    A helper to deploy the given URL with the deployer.
 public String getFilter() 
 public URLFilter getFilterInstance() 
 public boolean getRecursiveSearch() 
 public String getURLComparator() 
 public List getURLList() 
 public boolean hasURL(URL url) 
 public boolean hasURL(String urlspec) throws MalformedURLException 
 protected boolean isDeployed(URL url) 
    Checks if the url is in the deployed set.
 public String listDeployedURLs() 
    Lists all urls deployed by the scanner, each URL on a new line.
 protected URL makeURL(String urlspec) throws MalformedURLException 
    A helper to make a URL from a full url, or a filespec.
 public ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName name) throws Exception 
 public  void removeURL(URL url) 
 public  void removeURL(String urlspec) throws MalformedURLException 
 public  void resumeDeployment(URL url,
    boolean markUpToDate) 
    Re-enables scanning of a particular deployment URL, previously suspended using suspendDeployment(URL). If the markUpToDate flag is true then the deployment module will be considered up-to-date during the next scan. If the flag is false, at the next scan the scanner will check the modification date to decide if the module needs deploy/redeploy/undeploy.
 public synchronized  void scan() throws Exception 
 public  void setFilter(String classname) throws ClassNotFoundException, IllegalAccessException, InstantiationException 
 public  void setFilterInstance(URLFilter filter) 
 public  void setRecursiveSearch(boolean recurse) 
 public  void setURLComparator(String classname) throws ClassNotFoundException, IllegalAccessException, InstantiationException 
 public  void setURLList(List list) 
 public  void setURLs(String listspec) throws MalformedURLException 
 public  void suspendDeployment(URL url) 
    Temporarily ignore changes (addition, updates, removal) to a particular deployment, identified by its deployment URL. The deployment URL is different from the 'base' URLs that are scanned by the scanner (e.g. the full path to deploy/jmx-console.war vs. deploy/). This can be used to avoid an attempt by the scanner to deploy/redeploy/undeploy a URL that is being modified. To re-enable scanning of changes for a URL, use resumeDeployment(URL, boolean).
 protected  void undeploy(DeployedURL du) 
    A helper to undeploy the given URL from the deployer.
 protected boolean updateSorter()