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public class: EjbModule [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    EjbModuleMBean, KernelControllerContextAware, ServiceMBean, MBeanRegistration, NotificationEmitter

An EjbModule represents a collection of beans that are deployed as a unit.

The beans may use the EjbModule to access other beans within the same deployment unit.

Field Summary
public static final  String BASE_EJB_MODULE_NAME     
public static final  ObjectName EJB_MODULE_QUERY_NAME     
public static final  int BMT     
public static final  int CMT     
public static final  int ANY     
static final  String BMT_VALUE     
static final  String CMT_VALUE     
static final  String ANY_VALUE     
 HashMap containers    HashMap the containers for this deployment unit. 
 LinkedList containerOrdering    The containers in their ApplicationMetaData ordering 
 HashMap localHomes    HashMap of local homes 
 ClassLoader classLoader    Class loader of this deployment unit. 
final  String name    Name of this deployment unit, url it was deployed from 
Fields inherited from org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport:
SERVICE_CONTROLLER_SIG,  log,  server,  serviceName
 public EjbModule(VFSDeploymentUnit unit,
    ApplicationMetaData metaData) 
 public EjbModule(DeploymentInfo di,
    TransactionManager tm,
    ObjectName webServiceName) 
    Method from org.jboss.ejb.EjbModule Summary:
    addLocalHome,   createMissingPermissions,   createService,   destroyService,   getClassLoader,   getContainer,   getContainers,   getLocalHome,   getModuleData,   getModuleDataMap,   getTimerService,   getURL,   getWebServiceName,   isCallByValue,   putModuleData,   removeContainer,   removeLocalHome,   removeModuleData,   setClassLoader,   setPolicyRegistration,   setSecurityManagement,   setTimerService,   setTransactionManagerFactory,   setWebServiceName,   startService,   stopService
    Methods from org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport:
    create,   createService,   destroy,   destroyService,   getDeploymentInfo,   getLog,   getName,   getNextNotificationSequenceNumber,   getObjectName,   getServer,   getServiceName,   getState,   getStateString,   jbossInternalCreate,   jbossInternalDescription,   jbossInternalDestroy,   jbossInternalLifecycle,   jbossInternalStart,   jbossInternalStop,   pojoChange,   pojoCreate,   pojoDestroy,   pojoStart,   pojoStop,   postDeregister,   postRegister,   preDeregister,   preRegister,   setKernelControllerContext,   start,   startService,   stop,   stopService,   unsetKernelControllerContext
    Methods from
    addNotificationListener,   getNotificationInfo,   handleNotification,   nextNotificationSequenceNumber,   removeNotificationListener,   removeNotificationListener,   sendNotification
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    clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
    Method from org.jboss.ejb.EjbModule Detail:
     public  void addLocalHome(Container con,
        EJBLocalHome localHome) 
      void createMissingPermissions(Container con,
        BeanMetaData bean) throws ClassNotFoundException, PolicyContextException 
      Create any JACC permissions for the ejb methods that were not explicitly assigned method-permission or exclude-list mappings.
     protected  void createService() throws Exception 
     protected  void destroyService() throws Exception 
     public ClassLoader getClassLoader() 
      Get the class loader of this deployment unit.
     public Container getContainer(String name) 
      Get a container from this deployment unit that corresponds to a given name
     public Collection getContainers() 
      Get all containers in this deployment unit.
     public EJBLocalHome getLocalHome(Container con) 
     public Object getModuleData(Object key) 
     public Map getModuleDataMap() 
     public EJBTimerService getTimerService() 
     public URL getURL() 
      Get the URL from which this deployment unit was deployed
     public ObjectName getWebServiceName() 
     public boolean isCallByValue() 
      Whether the container is call by value
     public  void putModuleData(Object key,
        Object value) 
     public  void removeContainer(Container con) 
      Remove a container from this deployment unit.
     public  void removeLocalHome(Container con) 
     public  void removeModuleData(Object key) 
     public  void setClassLoader(ClassLoader cl) 
      Set the class loader of this deployment unit
     public  void setPolicyRegistration(PolicyRegistration policyRegistration) 
     public  void setSecurityManagement(ISecurityManagement sm) 
     public  void setTimerService(EJBTimerService timerService) 
     public  void setTransactionManagerFactory(TransactionManagerFactory tm) 
     public  void setWebServiceName(ObjectName webServiceName) 
     protected  void startService() throws Exception 
      The mbean Service interface start method calls the start method on each contatiner, then the init method on each container. Conversion to a different registration system with one-phase startup is conceivable.
     protected  void stopService() throws Exception 
      Stops all the containers of this application.