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public class: JRMPInvoker [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Invoker, KernelControllerContextAware, JRMPInvokerMBean, MBeanRegistration, java$io$Serializable, Remote

Direct Known Subclasses:

The JRMPInvoker is an RMI implementation that can generate Invocations from RMI/JRMP into the JMX base.
Nested Class Summary:
interface  JRMPInvoker.TCLAction   
class  JRMPInvoker.MBeanServerAction  Perform the MBeanServer.invoke op in a PrivilegedExceptionAction if running with a security manager. 
Field Summary
static final  long serialVersionUID   
    since: 4.2.0 -
public static final  int ANONYMOUS_PORT    Identifer to instruct the usage of an anonymous port. 
protected  Logger log    Instance logger. 
protected  ServiceMBeanSupport support    Service MBean support delegate. 
protected  int rmiPort    The port the container will be exported on 
protected  RMIClientSocketFactory clientSocketFactory    An optional custom client socket factory 
protected  RMIServerSocketFactory serverSocketFactory    An optional custom server socket factory 
protected  String clientSocketFactoryName    The class name of the optional custom client socket factory 
protected  String serverSocketFactoryName    The class name of the optional custom server socket factory 
protected  String serverAddress    The address to bind the rmi port on 
protected  String sslDomain    The name of the security domain to use with server sockets that support SSL 
protected  RemoteStub invokerStub     
protected  int backlog    The socket accept backlog 
protected  boolean enableClassCaching    A flag to enable caching of classes in the MarshalledValueInputStream 
Fields inherited from java.rmi.server.RemoteObject:
 public JRMPInvoker() 
Method from org.jboss.invocation.jrmp.server.JRMPInvoker Summary:
create,   createDelegateInvoker,   destroy,   destroyService,   exportCI,   getBacklog,   getEnableClassCaching,   getName,   getRMIClientSocketFactory,   getRMIClientSocketFactoryBean,   getRMIObjectPort,   getRMIServerSocketFactory,   getRMIServerSocketFactoryBean,   getSecurityDomain,   getServer,   getServerAddress,   getServerHostName,   getState,   getStateString,   getStub,   importTPC,   invoke,   jbossInternalLifecycle,   loadCustomSocketFactories,   pojoCreate,   pojoDestroy,   pojoStart,   pojoStop,   postDeregister,   postRegister,   preDeregister,   preRegister,   rebind,   setBacklog,   setEnableClassCaching,   setKernelControllerContext,   setRMIClientSocketFactory,   setRMIClientSocketFactoryBean,   setRMIObjectPort,   setRMIServerSocketFactory,   setRMIServerSocketFactoryBean,   setSecurityDomain,   setServerAddress,   start,   startService,   stop,   stopService,   unexportCI,   unsetKernelControllerContext
Methods from java.rmi.server.RemoteServer:
getClientHost,   getLog,   setLog
Methods from java.rmi.server.RemoteObject:
equals,   getRef,   hashCode,   toString,   toStub
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from org.jboss.invocation.jrmp.server.JRMPInvoker Detail:
 public  void create() throws Exception 
 protected Invoker createDelegateInvoker() 
 public  void destroy() 
 protected  void destroyService() throws Exception 
 protected  void exportCI() throws Exception 
 public int getBacklog() 
 public boolean getEnableClassCaching() 
 public String getName() 
 public String getRMIClientSocketFactory() 
 public RMIClientSocketFactory getRMIClientSocketFactoryBean() 
 public int getRMIObjectPort() 
 public String getRMIServerSocketFactory() 
 public RMIServerSocketFactory getRMIServerSocketFactoryBean() 
 public String getSecurityDomain() 
 public MBeanServer getServer() 
 public String getServerAddress() 
 public String getServerHostName() 
 public int getState() 
 public String getStateString() 
 public Serializable getStub() 
 protected Transaction importTPC(Object tpc) 
    Import a transaction propagation context into the local VM, and return the corresponding Transaction.
 public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Exception 
    Invoke a Remote interface method.
 public  void jbossInternalLifecycle(String method) throws Exception 
 protected  void loadCustomSocketFactories() 
    Load and instantiate the clientSocketFactory, serverSocketFactory using the TCL and set the bind address and SSL domain if the serverSocketFactory supports it.
 public  void pojoCreate() throws Exception 
 public  void pojoDestroy() throws Exception 
 public  void pojoStart() throws Exception 
 public  void pojoStop() throws Exception 
 public  void postDeregister() 
 public  void postRegister(Boolean registrationDone) 
 public  void preDeregister() throws Exception 
 public ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName name) throws Exception 
 protected  void rebind(Context ctx,
    String name,
    Object val) throws NamingException 
 public  void setBacklog(int back) 
 public  void setEnableClassCaching(boolean flag) 
 public  void setKernelControllerContext(KernelControllerContext context) throws Exception 
 public  void setRMIClientSocketFactory(String name) 
 public  void setRMIClientSocketFactoryBean(RMIClientSocketFactory bean) 
 public  void setRMIObjectPort(int rmiPort) 
 public  void setRMIServerSocketFactory(String name) 
 public  void setRMIServerSocketFactoryBean(RMIServerSocketFactory bean) 
 public  void setSecurityDomain(String domainName) 
 public  void setServerAddress(String address) 
 public  void start() throws Exception 
 protected  void startService() throws Exception 
 public  void stop() 
 protected  void stopService() throws Exception 
 protected  void unexportCI() throws Exception 
 public  void unsetKernelControllerContext(KernelControllerContext context) throws Exception