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public class: SubscriptionMgr [javadoc | source]
SubscriptionMgr is responsible for subscribing a notification listener to all objects defined in the coresponding resource file.
 public SubscriptionMgr(MBeanServer server,
    ObjectName listener,
    String monitoredObjectsResName) 
    CTOR *
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start,   stop
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Method from org.jboss.jmx.adaptor.snmp.agent.SubscriptionMgr Detail:
 public  void start() throws Exception 
    Performs service start-up: subscribes the notification collector to all specified monitored objects. Implicit assumptions regarding entities from which notification subscriptions are requested: 1. They implement the NotificationBroadcaster interface 2. They are MBeans *
 public  void stop() throws Exception 
    Performs service shutdown: cancel all subscriptions *