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public class: JaasSecurityManagerService [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    JaasSecurityManagerServiceMBean, KernelControllerContextAware, ServiceMBean, MBeanRegistration, NotificationEmitter

This is a JMX service which manages JAAS based SecurityManagers. JAAS SecurityManagers are responsible for validating credentials associated with principals. The service defaults to the implementation but this can be changed via the securityManagerClass property.
Nested Class Summary:
static class  JaasSecurityManagerService.DomainEnumeration   
public static class  JaasSecurityManagerService.DefaultCacheObjectFactory  java:/timedCacheFactory ObjectFactory implementation 
Fields inherited from org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport:
SERVICE_CONTROLLER_SIG,  log,  server,  serviceName
 public JaasSecurityManagerService() 
Method from Summary:
displayJCAInformation,   doesUserHaveRole,   flushAuthenticationCache,   flushAuthenticationCache,   getAuthenticationCacheJndiName,   getAuthenticationCachePrincipals,   getCallbackHandlerClassName,   getDeepCopySubjectMode,   getDefaultCacheResolution,   getDefaultCacheTimeout,   getDefaultUnauthenticatedPrincipal,   getPrincipal,   getSecurityManagerClassName,   getSecurityProxyFactoryClassName,   getServerMode,   getUserRoles,   isValid,   lookupCachePolicy,   registerSecurityDomain,   setAuthenticationCacheJndiName,   setCacheTimeout,   setCallbackHandlerClassName,   setDeepCopySubjectMode,   setDefaultCacheResolution,   setDefaultCacheTimeout,   setDefaultUnauthenticatedPrincipal,   setSecurityManagerClassName,   setSecurityProxyFactoryClassName,   setServerMode,   startService,   stopService
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Method from Detail:
 public String displayJCAInformation() 
 public boolean doesUserHaveRole(String securityDomain,
    Principal principal,
    Object credential,
    Set roles) 
 public  void flushAuthenticationCache(String securityDomain) 
    flush the cache policy for the indicated security domain if one exists.
 public  void flushAuthenticationCache(String securityDomain,
    Principal user) 
    Flush a principal's authentication cache entry associated with the given securityDomain.
 public String getAuthenticationCacheJndiName() 
    Get the jndi name under which the authentication cache policy is found
 public List getAuthenticationCachePrincipals(String securityDomain) 
    Return the active principals in the indicated security domain auth cache.
 public String getCallbackHandlerClassName() 
    Get the default CallbackHandler implementation class name
 public boolean getDeepCopySubjectMode() 
 public int getDefaultCacheResolution() 
    Get the default timed cache policy resolution.
 public int getDefaultCacheTimeout() 
    Get the default timed cache policy timeout.
 public String getDefaultUnauthenticatedPrincipal() 
    Get the default unauthenticated principal.
 public Principal getPrincipal(String securityDomain,
    Principal principal) 
 public String getSecurityManagerClassName() 
 public String getSecurityProxyFactoryClassName() 
 public boolean getServerMode() 
 public Set getUserRoles(String securityDomain,
    Principal principal,
    Object credential) 
 public boolean isValid(String securityDomain,
    Principal principal,
    Object credential) 
 static CachePolicy lookupCachePolicy(String securityDomain) 
    Lookup the authentication CachePolicy object for a security domain. This method first treats the cacheJndiName as a ObjectFactory location that is capable of returning CachePolicy instances on a per security domain basis by appending a '/security-domain-name' string to the cacheJndiName when looking up the CachePolicy for a domain. If this fails then the cacheJndiName location is treated as a single CachePolicy for all security domains.
 public synchronized  void registerSecurityDomain(String securityDomain,
    SecurityDomain instance) 
    Register a SecurityDomain implmentation. This is synchronized to ensure that the binding of the security domain and cache population is atomic.
 public  void setAuthenticationCacheJndiName(String jndiName) 
    Set the jndi name under which the authentication cache policy is found
 public  void setCacheTimeout(String securityDomain,
    int timeoutInSecs,
    int resInSecs) 
    Set the indicated security domain cache timeout. This only has an effect if the security domain is using the default jboss TimedCachePolicy implementation.
 public  void setCallbackHandlerClassName(String className) throws ClassNotFoundException 
    Set the default CallbackHandler implementation class name
 public  void setDeepCopySubjectMode(boolean flag) 
 public  void setDefaultCacheResolution(int resInSecs) 
    Set the default timed cache policy resolution. This has no affect if the AuthenticationCacheJndiName has been changed from the default value.
 public  void setDefaultCacheTimeout(int timeoutInSecs) 
    Set the default timed cache policy timeout. This has no affect if the AuthenticationCacheJndiName has been changed from the default value.
 public  void setDefaultUnauthenticatedPrincipal(String principal) 
    Set the default unauthenticated principal.
 public  void setSecurityManagerClassName(String className) throws ClassNotFoundException, ClassCastException 
 public  void setSecurityProxyFactoryClassName(String className) throws ClassNotFoundException 
 public  void setServerMode(boolean mode) 
 protected  void startService() throws Exception 
 protected  void stopService() throws Exception