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public interface: ServerInfoMBean [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:

ServerInfo MBean interface.
Field Summary
final  String OBJECT_NAME_STR    The default ObjectName 
Method from org.jboss.system.server.ServerInfoMBean Summary:
displayPackageInfo,   getActiveThreadCount,   getActiveThreadGroupCount,   getAvailableProcessors,   getFreeMemory,   getHostAddress,   getHostName,   getJavaVMName,   getJavaVMVendor,   getJavaVMVersion,   getJavaVendor,   getJavaVersion,   getMaxMemory,   getOSArch,   getOSName,   getOSVersion,   getTotalMemory,   listMemoryPools,   listThreadCpuUtilization,   listThreadDump
Method from org.jboss.system.server.ServerInfoMBean Detail:
 public String displayPackageInfo(String pkgName)
    Display the java.lang.Package info for the pkgName
 public Integer getActiveThreadCount()
 public Integer getActiveThreadGroupCount()
 public Integer getAvailableProcessors()
 public Long getFreeMemory()
 public String getHostAddress()
 public String getHostName()
 public String getJavaVMName()
 public String getJavaVMVendor()
 public String getJavaVMVersion()
 public String getJavaVendor()
 public String getJavaVersion()
 public Long getMaxMemory()
 public String getOSArch()
 public String getOSName()
 public String getOSVersion()
 public Long getTotalMemory()
 public String listMemoryPools(boolean fancy)
    Return a listing of the thread pools on jdk5+.
 public String listThreadCpuUtilization()
    Return a sort list of thread cpu utilization.
 public String listThreadDump()
    Return a listing of the active threads and thread groups, and a full stack trace for every thread, on jdk5+.