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public class: JMXKernel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    NotificationEmitter, JMXKernelMBean, JBossInterface

A pojo that creates a legacy jmx kernel ala the jboss-4.x server bootstrap. This is used to support the SARDeployer and mbean integration.
Fields inherited from org.jboss.util.JBossObject:
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Method from org.jboss.system.server.jmx.JMXKernel Summary:
addNotificationListener,   exit,   exit,   getBuildDate,   getBuildID,   getBuildJVM,   getBuildNumber,   getBuildOS,   getConfig,   getMbeanServer,   getMetaData,   getNotificationInfo,   getServerImpl,   getServerInfo,   getServiceController,   getStartDate,   getVersion,   getVersionName,   getVersionNumber,   halt,   halt,   init,   init,   isInShutdown,   isOldClassLoader,   isStarted,   removeMBeans,   removeNotificationListener,   removeNotificationListener,   runFinalization,   runGarbageCollector,   setKernel,   setOldClassLoader,   setServerImpl,   setServerInfo,   shutdown,   shutdownServices,   start,   stop,   traceInstructions,   traceMethodCalls
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Method from org.jboss.system.server.jmx.JMXKernel Detail:
 public  void addNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener,
    NotificationFilter filter,
    Object handback) 
 public  void exit() 
 public  void exit(int exitcode) 
 public String getBuildDate() 
 public String getBuildID() 
 public String getBuildJVM() 
 public String getBuildNumber() 
 public String getBuildOS() 
 public ServerConfig getConfig() 
 public MBeanServer getMbeanServer() 
 public Map<String, Object> getMetaData() 
    Get the optional server configuration metadata
 public MBeanNotificationInfo[] getNotificationInfo() 
 public ServerProcess getServerImpl() 
 public ServerInfoMBean getServerInfo() 
 public ServiceControllerMBean getServiceController() 
 public Date getStartDate() 
 public String getVersion() 
 public String getVersionName() 
 public String getVersionNumber() 
 public  void halt() 
 public  void halt(int exitcode) 
 public  void init(Properties props) throws Exception 
 public  void init(Properties props,
    Map<String, Object> metaData) throws IllegalStateException, Exception 
    Initialize the Server instance.
 public boolean isInShutdown() 
 public boolean isOldClassLoader() 
 public boolean isStarted() 
 protected  void removeMBeans() 
    The removeMBeans method uses the mbean mbeanServer to unregister all the mbeans registered here.
 public  void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener) throws ListenerNotFoundException 
 public  void removeNotificationListener(NotificationListener listener,
    NotificationFilter filter,
    Object handback) throws ListenerNotFoundException 
 public  void runFinalization() 
 public  void runGarbageCollector() 
 public  void setKernel(Kernel kernel) 
    Set the kernel.
 public  void setOldClassLoader(boolean oldClassLoader) 
 public  void setServerImpl(ServerProcess serverImpl) 
 public  void setServerInfo(ServerInfoMBean serverInfo) 
 public  void shutdown() 
 protected  void shutdownServices() 
    The shutdownServices method calls the one and only ServiceController to shut down all the mbeans registered with it.
 public  void start() throws Exception 
 public  void stop() throws IllegalStateException 
    Stop the mbeans
 public  void traceInstructions(Boolean flag) 
 public  void traceMethodCalls(Boolean flag)