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Sub Packages:

org.jboss.util.xml.catalog   XML utilities.  
org.jboss.util.xml.catalog.helpers   XML utilities.  
org.jboss.util.xml.catalog.readers   XML utilities.  


XmlLoadable     code | html


CatalogLocation   A ThreadSpecificCatalogs class maintains all catalogfiles catolog.xml found in the Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() code | html
DOMUtils   DOM2 utilites  code | html
DOMWriter   Traverse a DOM tree in order to print a document that is parsed.  code | html
JBossEntityResolver   Local entity resolver to handle standard J2EE DTDs and Schemas as well as JBoss specific DTDs.  code | html
JBossErrorHandler     code | html
MIME2Java   MIME2Java is a convenience class which handles conversions between MIME charset names and Java encoding names.  code | html
XmlHelper   A utility class to cover up the rough bits of xml parsing  code | html