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ApacheData   XMLSignatureInput Data wrapper.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ApacheCanonicalizer     code | html
ApacheTransform   This is a wrapper/glue class which invokes the Apache XML-Security Transform.  code | html
DOMDigestMethod   DOM-based abstract implementation of DigestMethod.  code | html
DOMHMACSignatureMethod   DOM-based implementation of HMAC SignatureMethod.  code | html
DOMSignatureMethod   DOM-based abstract implementation of SignatureMethod.  code | html
DOMStructure   DOM-based abstract implementation of XMLStructure.  code | html


ApacheNodeSetData     code | html
ApacheOctetStreamData     code | html
DOMBase64Transform   DOM-based implementation of Base64 Encoding Transform.  code | html
DOMCanonicalXMLC14N11Method   DOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Canonical XML 1.1 (with or without comments).  code | html
DOMCanonicalXMLC14NMethod   DOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Canonical XML (with or without comments).  code | html
DOMCanonicalizationMethod   DOM-based abstract implementation of CanonicalizationMethod.  code | html
DOMCryptoBinary   A DOM-based representation of the XML CryptoBinary simple type as defined in the W3C specification for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing.  code | html
DOMDigestMethod.SHA1     code | html
DOMDigestMethod.SHA256     code | html
DOMDigestMethod.SHA384     code | html
DOMDigestMethod.SHA512     code | html
DOMEnvelopedTransform   DOM-based implementation of Enveloped Signature Transform.  code | html
DOMExcC14NMethod   DOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Exclusive Canonical XML algorithm (with or without comments).  code | html
DOMHMACSignatureMethod.SHA1     code | html
DOMHMACSignatureMethod.SHA256     code | html
DOMHMACSignatureMethod.SHA384     code | html
DOMHMACSignatureMethod.SHA512     code | html
DOMKeyInfo   DOM-based implementation of KeyInfo.  code | html
DOMKeyInfoFactory   DOM-based implementation of KeyInfoFactory.  code | html
DOMKeyName   DOM-based implementation of KeyName.  code | html
DOMKeyValue   DOM-based implementation of KeyValue.  code | html
DOMManifest   DOM-based implementation of Manifest.  code | html
DOMPGPData   DOM-based implementation of PGPData.  code | html
DOMReference   DOM-based implementation of Reference.  code | html
DOMRetrievalMethod   DOM-based implementation of RetrievalMethod.  code | html
DOMSignatureMethod.SHA1withDSA     code | html
DOMSignatureMethod.SHA1withRSA     code | html
DOMSignatureMethod.SHA256withRSA     code | html
DOMSignatureMethod.SHA384withRSA     code | html
DOMSignatureMethod.SHA512withRSA     code | html
DOMSignatureProperties   DOM-based implementation of SignatureProperties.  code | html
DOMSignatureProperty   DOM-based implementation of SignatureProperty.  code | html
DOMSignedInfo   DOM-based implementation of SignedInfo.  code | html
DOMSubTreeData   This is a subtype of NodeSetData that represents a dereferenced same-document URI as the root of a subdocument.  code | html
DOMSubTreeData.DelayedNodeIterator   This is an Iterator that contains a backing node-set that is not populated until the caller first attempts to advance the iterator.  code | html
DOMTransform   DOM-based abstract implementation of Transform.  code | html
DOMURIDereferencer   DOM-based implementation of URIDereferencer.  code | html
DOMUtils   Useful static DOM utility methods.  code | html
DOMUtils.NodeSet     code | html
DOMX509Data   DOM-based implementation of X509Data.  code | html
DOMX509IssuerSerial   DOM-based implementation of X509IssuerSerial.  code | html
DOMXMLObject   DOM-based implementation of XMLObject.  code | html
DOMXMLSignature   DOM-based implementation of XMLSignature.  code | html
DOMXMLSignature.DOMSignatureValue     code | html
DOMXMLSignatureFactory   DOM-based implementation of XMLSignatureFactory.  code | html
DOMXPathFilter2Transform   DOM-based implementation of XPath Filter 2.0 Transform.  code | html
DOMXPathTransform   DOM-based implementation of XPath Filtering Transform.  code | html
DOMXSLTTransform   DOM-based implementation of XSLT Transform.  code | html
Utils   Miscellaneous static utility methods for use in JSR 105 RI.  code | html
XMLDSigRI   Defines the XMLDSigRI provider.  code | html