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public interface: ClassVisitor [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    CheckClassAdapter, ClassDump, SAXClassAdapter, ClassVerifier, SerialVersionUIDAdder, ClassWriter, TraceClassVisitor, StaticInitMerger, ClassNode, ClassAdapter, RemappingClassAdapter, ClassOptimizer, DependencyVisitor, EmptyVisitor, ASMifierClassVisitor, ClassConstantsCollector

A visitor to visit a Java class. The methods of this interface must be called in the following order: visit [ visitSource ] [ visitOuterClass ] ( visitAnnotation | visitAttribute )* (visitInnerClass | visitField | visitMethod )* visitEnd.
Method from org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor Summary:
visit,   visitAnnotation,   visitAttribute,   visitEnd,   visitField,   visitInnerClass,   visitMethod,   visitOuterClass,   visitSource
Method from org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor Detail:
 public  void visit(int version,
    int access,
    String name,
    String signature,
    String superName,
    String[] interfaces)
    Visits the header of the class.
 public AnnotationVisitor visitAnnotation(String desc,
    boolean visible)
    Visits an annotation of the class.
 public  void visitAttribute(Attribute attr)
    Visits a non standard attribute of the class.
 public  void visitEnd()
    Visits the end of the class. This method, which is the last one to be called, is used to inform the visitor that all the fields and methods of the class have been visited.
 public FieldVisitor visitField(int access,
    String name,
    String desc,
    String signature,
    Object value)
    Visits a field of the class.
 public  void visitInnerClass(String name,
    String outerName,
    String innerName,
    int access)
    Visits information about an inner class. This inner class is not necessarily a member of the class being visited.
 public MethodVisitor visitMethod(int access,
    String name,
    String desc,
    String signature,
    String[] exceptions)
    Visits a method of the class. This method must return a new MethodVisitor instance (or null) each time it is called, i.e., it should not return a previously returned visitor.
 public  void visitOuterClass(String owner,
    String name,
    String desc)
    Visits the enclosing class of the class. This method must be called only if the class has an enclosing class.
 public  void visitSource(String source,
    String debug)
    Visits the source of the class.