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Abstract Classes:

AlreadyBoundHelper   The helper operations for the AlreadyBound user exception.  code | html
CannotProceedHelper   The helper operations for CannotProceed code | html
InvalidNameHelper   The helper operations for the InvalidName   code | html
NotEmptyHelper   The helper operations for the NotEmpty code | html
NotFoundHelper   The helper operations for NotFound code | html
NotFoundReasonHelper   The helper operations for NotFoundReason   code | html


AlreadyBound   The exception is thrown in response to bind the same object into the same context repeatedly under the different name.  code | html
AlreadyBoundHolder   The holder for class AlreadyBound exception.  code | html
CannotProceed   The exception is raised when the naming service has given up for some reason.  code | html
CannotProceedHolder   The holder for exception CannotProceed code | html
InvalidName   The exception is thrown if the name has the zero length or is otherwise invalid.  code | html
InvalidNameHolder   The holder for exception InvalidName code | html
NotEmpty   This exception is thrown in response to the attemt to destroy the non tempty context.  code | html
NotEmptyHolder   The holder for exception NotEmpty code | html
NotFound   The exception is thrown when the binding being searched does not exist or has the wrong type  code | html
NotFoundHolder   The holder for the NotFound exception.  code | html
NotFoundReason   Represents the reason (explanation), why the binding cannot be found.  code | html
NotFoundReasonHolder   The holder for class NotFoundReason code | html