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public class: SchedulerMetaData [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Describes the settings and capabilities of a given Scheduler instance.

 public SchedulerMetaData(String schedName,
    String schedInst,
    Class schedClass,
    boolean isRemote,
    boolean started,
    boolean isInStandbyMode,
    boolean shutdown,
    Date startTime,
    int numJobsExec,
    Class jsClass,
    boolean jsPersistent,
    Class tpClass,
    int tpSize,
    String version) 
Method from org.quartz.SchedulerMetaData Summary:
getJobStoreClass,   getSchedulerClass,   getSchedulerInstanceId,   getSchedulerName,   getSummary,   getThreadPoolClass,   getThreadPoolSize,   getVersion,   isInStandbyMode,   isPaused,   isSchedulerRemote,   isShutdown,   isStarted,   jobStoreSupportsPersistence,   numJobsExecuted,   runningSince,   toString
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Method from org.quartz.SchedulerMetaData Detail:
 public Class getJobStoreClass() 

    Returns the class-name of the JobStore instance that is being used by the Scheduler.

 public Class getSchedulerClass() 

    Returns the class-name of the Scheduler instance.

 public String getSchedulerInstanceId() 

    Returns the instance Id of the Scheduler.

 public String getSchedulerName() 

    Returns the name of the Scheduler.

 public String getSummary() throws SchedulerException 

    Returns a formatted (human readable) String describing all the Scheduler's meta-data values.

    The format of the String looks something like this:

    Quartz Scheduler 'SchedulerName' with instanceId 'SchedulerInstanceId' Scheduler class: 'org.quartz.impl.StdScheduler' - running locally. Running since: '11:33am on Jul 19, 2002' Not currently paused. Number of Triggers fired: '123' Using thread pool 'org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool' - with '8' threads Using job-store 'org.quartz.impl.JDBCJobStore' - which supports persistence.

 public Class getThreadPoolClass() 

    Returns the class-name of the ThreadPool instance that is being used by the Scheduler.

 public int getThreadPoolSize() 

    Returns the number of threads currently in the Scheduler's ThreadPool.

 public String getVersion() 

    Returns the version of Quartz that is running.

 public boolean isInStandbyMode() 
    Reports whether the Scheduler is in standby mode.
 public boolean isPaused() 
Deprecated! Please - use #isInStandbyMode() .

    Reports whether the Scheduler is paused.
 public boolean isSchedulerRemote() 

    Returns whether the Scheduler is being used remotely (via RMI).

 public boolean isShutdown() 

    Reports whether the Scheduler has been shutdown.

 public boolean isStarted() 

    Returns whether the scheduler has been started.

    Note: isStarted() may return true even if isInStandbyMode() returns true.

 public boolean jobStoreSupportsPersistence() 

    Returns whether or not the Scheduler'sJobStore instance supports persistence.

 public int numJobsExecuted() 

    Returns the number of jobs executed since the Scheduler started..

 public Date runningSince() 

    Returns the Date at which the Scheduler started running.

 public String toString() 

    Return a simple string representation of this object.