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public class: AnnualCalendar [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Calendar

This implementation of the Calendar excludes a set of days of the year. You may use it to exclude bank holidays which are on the same date every year.

Field Summary
static final  long serialVersionUID     
Fields inherited from org.quartz.impl.calendar.BaseCalendar:
 public AnnualCalendar() 
 public AnnualCalendar(Calendar baseCalendar) 
 public AnnualCalendar(TimeZone timeZone) 
 public AnnualCalendar(Calendar baseCalendar,
    TimeZone timeZone) 
Method from org.quartz.impl.calendar.AnnualCalendar Summary:
getDaysExcluded,   getNextIncludedTime,   isDayExcluded,   isTimeIncluded,   setDayExcluded,   setDaysExcluded
Methods from org.quartz.impl.calendar.BaseCalendar:
buildHoliday,   buildHoliday,   createJavaCalendar,   createJavaCalendar,   getBaseCalendar,   getDescription,   getEndOfDayJavaCalendar,   getJavaCalendar,   getNextIncludedTime,   getStartOfDayJavaCalendar,   getTimeZone,   isTimeIncluded,   setBaseCalendar,   setDescription,   setTimeZone
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Method from org.quartz.impl.calendar.AnnualCalendar Detail:
 public ArrayList getDaysExcluded() 

    Get the array which defines the exclude-value of each day of month

 public long getNextIncludedTime(long timeStamp) 

    Determine the next time (in milliseconds) that is 'included' by the Calendar after the given time. Return the original value if timeStamp is included. Return 0 if all days are excluded.

    Note that this Calendar is only has full-day precision.

 public boolean isDayExcluded(Calendar day) 

    Return true, if day is defined to be exluded.

 public boolean isTimeIncluded(long timeStamp) 

    Determine whether the given time (in milliseconds) is 'included' by the Calendar.

    Note that this Calendar is only has full-day precision.

 public  void setDayExcluded(Calendar day,
    boolean exclude) 

    Redefine a certain day to be excluded (true) or included (false).

 public  void setDaysExcluded(ArrayList days) 

    Redefine the array of days excluded. The array must of size greater or equal 31.