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JmsMessageFactory   The JmsMessageFactory interface allows for the creation of ajavax.jms.Message code | html


JmsHelper   Utility class that aids in the processing of JMS based jobs and sending of javax.jms.Message  code | html
JmsJobException   The JmsJobException is used to indicate an error during sending of a javax.jms.Messaage code | html

A Job that sends a javax.jms.Message to a javax.jms.Destination

code | html

A Job that sends a javax.jms.Message to a javax.jms.Queue

The following properties are expected to be provided in the JobDataMap:

  • JMS_CONNECTION_FACTORY_JNDI - The JNDI name of the JMS Connection Factory.
  • JMS_DESTINATION_JNDI - The JNDI name of the JMS destination.
  • JMS_USE_TXN - Whether or not to use a transacted javax.jms.Session.
  • JMS_ACK_MODE - The acknowledgement mode for the javax.jms.Session.
  • JMS_MSG_FACTORY_CLASS_NAME - The implementation class name for the JmsMessageFactory.

The following properties are optional

  • JMS_USER - The JMS user for secure destinations. 
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A Job that sends a javax.jms.Message to a javax.jms.Topic

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