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abstract public class: SchedulerListenerSupport [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    QuartzServer, ErrorLogger

A helpful abstract base class for implementors of org.quartz.SchedulerListener .

The methods in this class are empty so you only need to override the subset for the org.quartz.SchedulerListener events you care about.

Method from org.quartz.listeners.SchedulerListenerSupport Summary:
getLog,   jobScheduled,   jobUnscheduled,   jobsPaused,   jobsResumed,   schedulerError,   schedulerShutdown,   triggerFinalized,   triggersPaused,   triggersResumed
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Method from org.quartz.listeners.SchedulerListenerSupport Detail:
 protected Log getLog() 
 public  void jobScheduled(Trigger trigger) 
 public  void jobUnscheduled(String triggerName,
    String triggerGroup) 
 public  void jobsPaused(String jobName,
    String jobGroup) 
 public  void jobsResumed(String jobName,
    String jobGroup) 
 public  void schedulerError(String msg,
    SchedulerException cause) 
 public  void schedulerShutdown() 
 public  void triggerFinalized(Trigger trigger) 
 public  void triggersPaused(String triggerName,
    String triggerGroup) 
 public  void triggersResumed(String triggerName,
    String triggerGroup)