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public class: TriggerFiredBundle [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A simple class (structure) used for returning execution-time data from the JobStore to the QuartzSchedulerThread.

 public TriggerFiredBundle(JobDetail job,
    Trigger trigger,
    Calendar cal,
    boolean jobIsRecovering,
    Date fireTime,
    Date scheduledFireTime,
    Date prevFireTime,
    Date nextFireTime) 
Method from org.quartz.spi.TriggerFiredBundle Summary:
getCalendar,   getFireTime,   getJobDetail,   getNextFireTime,   getPrevFireTime,   getScheduledFireTime,   getTrigger,   isRecovering
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Method from org.quartz.spi.TriggerFiredBundle Detail:
 public Calendar getCalendar() 
 public Date getFireTime() 
 public JobDetail getJobDetail() 
 public Date getNextFireTime() 
 public Date getPrevFireTime() 
 public Date getScheduledFireTime() 
 public Trigger getTrigger() 
 public boolean isRecovering()