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public interface: DatatypeStreamingValidator [javadoc | source]

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Datatype streaming validator.

The streaming validator is an optional feature that is useful for certain Datatypes. It allows the caller to incrementally provide the literal.

Method from org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeStreamingValidator Summary:
addCharacters,   checkValid,   isValid
Method from org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeStreamingValidator Detail:
 public  void addCharacters(char[] buf,
    int start,
    int len)
    Passes an additional fragment of the literal.

    The application can call this method several times, then call the isValid method (or the checkValid method) to check the validity of the accumulated characters.

 public  void checkValid() throws DatatypeException
    Similar to the isValid method, but this method throws Exception (with possibly diagnostic information), instead of returning false.
 public boolean isValid()
    Tells if the accumulated literal is valid with respect to the underlying Datatype.