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public interface: ValidationContext [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ValidationContextImpl, Context, DtdContext, Context, CompactSyntax, SavedContext, ContextImpl, AbstractContext

An interface that must be implemented by caller to provide context information that is necessary to perform validation of some Datatypes.
Method from org.relaxng.datatype.ValidationContext Summary:
getBaseUri,   isNotation,   isUnparsedEntity,   resolveNamespacePrefix
Method from org.relaxng.datatype.ValidationContext Detail:
 public String getBaseUri()
    Returns the base URI of the context. The null string may be returned if no base URI is known.
 public boolean isNotation(String notationName)
    Checks if a notation is declared with the specified name.
 public boolean isUnparsedEntity(String entityName)
    Checks if an unparsed entity is declared with the specified name.
 public String resolveNamespacePrefix(String prefix)
    Resolves a namespace prefix to the corresponding namespace URI. This method is used for validating the QName type, for example.

    If the prefix is "" (empty string), it indicates an unprefixed value. The callee should resolve it as for an unprefixed element, rather than for an unprefixed attribute.

    If the prefix is "xml", then the callee must resolve this prefix into "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace", as defined in the XML Namespaces Recommendation.