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org.relaxng.datatype.helpers: Javadoc index of package org.relaxng.datatype.helpers.

Package Samples:



StreamingValidatorImpl: Dummy implementation of org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeStreamingValidator . This implementation can be used as a quick hack when the performance of streaming validation is not important. And this implementation also shows you how to implement the DatatypeStreamingValidator interface. Typical usage would be: class MyDatatype implements Datatype { .... public DatatypeStreamingValidator createStreamingValidator( ValidationContext context ) { return new StreamingValidatorImpl(this,context); } .... }
ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder: Dummy implementation of org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeBuilder . This implementation can be used for Datatypes which have no parameters. Any attempt to add parameters will be rejected. Typical usage would be: class MyDatatypeLibrary implements DatatypeLibrary { .... DatatypeBuilder createDatatypeBuilder( String typeName ) { return new ParameterleessDatatypeBuilder(createDatatype(typeName)); } .... }
DatatypeLibraryLoader: Discovers the datatype library implementation from the classpath. The call of the createDatatypeLibrary method finds an implementation from a given datatype library URI at run-time.

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