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StreamingValidatorImpl: Dummy implementation of org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeStreamingValidator . This implementation can be used as a quick hack when the performance of streaming validation is not important. And this implementation also shows you how to implement the DatatypeStreamingValidator interface. Typical usage would be: class MyDatatype implements Datatype { .... public DatatypeStreamingValidator createStreamingValidator( ValidationContext context ) { return new StreamingValidatorImpl(this,context); } .... }
ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder: Dummy implementation of org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeBuilder . This implementation can be used for Datatypes which have no parameters. Any attempt to add parameters will be rejected. Typical usage would be: class MyDatatypeLibrary implements DatatypeLibrary { .... DatatypeBuilder createDatatypeBuilder( String typeName ) { return new ParameterleessDatatypeBuilder(createDatatype(typeName)); } .... }
Datatype: Datatype object. This object has the following functionality: functionality to identify a class of character sequences. This is done through the isValid method. functionality to produce a "value object" from a character sequence and context information. functionality to test the equality of two value objects. This interface also defines the createStreamingValidator method, which is intended to efficiently support the validation of large character sequences.
DatatypeLibraryFactory: Factory class for the DatatypeLibrary class. The datatype library should provide the implementation of this interface if it wants to be found by the schema processors. The implementor also have to place a file in your jar file. See the reference datatype library implementation for detail.
DatatypeLibraryLoader: Discovers the datatype library implementation from the classpath. The call of the createDatatypeLibrary method finds an implementation from a given datatype library URI at run-time.
DatatypeStreamingValidator: Datatype streaming validator. The streaming validator is an optional feature that is useful for certain Datatypes. It allows the caller to incrementally provide the literal.
ValidationContext: An interface that must be implemented by caller to provide context information that is necessary to perform validation of some Datatypes.
DatatypeBuilder: Creates a user-defined type by adding parameters to the pre-defined type.
DatatypeException: Signals Datatype related exceptions.
DatatypeLibrary: A Datatype library

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