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public interface: Advisor [javadoc | source] Base interface holding AOP advice (action to take at a joinpoint) and a filter determining the applicability of the advice (such as a pointcut). This interface is not for use by Spring users, but to allow for commonality in support for different types of advice.

Spring AOP is based around around advice delivered via method interception, compliant with the AOP Alliance interception API. The Advisor interface allows support for different types of advice, such as before and after advice, which need not be implemented using interception.

Method from org.springframework.aop.Advisor Summary:
getAdvice,   isPerInstance
Method from org.springframework.aop.Advisor Detail:
 public Advice getAdvice()
    Return the advice part of this aspect. An advice may be an interceptor, a before advice, a throws advice, etc.
 public boolean isPerInstance()
    Return whether this advice is associated with a particular instance (for example, creating a mixin) or shared with all instances of the advised class obtained from the same Spring bean factory.

    Note that this method is not currently used by the framework. Typical Advisor implementations always return true. Use singleton/prototype bean definitions or appropriate programmatic proxy creation to ensure that Advisors have the correct lifecycle model.