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Sub Packages:

org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation   Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP.  
org.springframework.aop.aspectj.autoproxy   Base classes enabling auto-proxying based on AspectJ.  


AspectInstanceFactory   Interface implemented to provide an instance of an AspectJ aspect.  code | html
AspectJPrecedenceInformation   Interface to be implemented by types that can supply the information needed to sort advice/advisors by AspectJ's precedence rules.  code | html
InstantiationModelAwarePointcutAdvisor   Interface to be implemented by Spring AOP Advisors wrapping AspectJ aspects that may have a lazy initialization strategy.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAspectJAdvice   Base class for AOP Alliance org.aopalliance.aop.Advice classes wrapping an AspectJ aspect or an AspectJ-annotated advice method.  code | html
AspectJAopUtils   Utility methods for dealing with AspectJ advisors.  code | html
AspectJProxyUtils   Utility methods for working with AspectJ proxies.  code | html
RuntimeTestWalker.InstanceOfResidueTestVisitor     code | html


AbstractAspectJAdvice.AdviceExcludingMethodMatcher   MethodMatcher that excludes the specified advice method.  code | html
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer   ParameterNameDiscoverer implementation that tries to deduce parameter names for an advice method from the pointcut expression, returning, and throwing clauses.  code | html
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer.AmbiguousBindingException   Thrown in response to an ambiguous binding being detected when trying to resolve a method's parameter names.  code | html
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer.PointcutBody   Simple struct to hold the extracted text from a pointcut body, together with the number of tokens consumed in extracting it.  code | html
AspectJAfterAdvice   Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after advice method.  code | html
AspectJAfterReturningAdvice   Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-returning advice method.  code | html
AspectJAfterReturningAdvice.GenericTypeMatcher   Inner class to avoid a static JDK 1.5 dependency for generic type matching.  code | html
AspectJAfterThrowingAdvice   Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-throwing advice method.  code | html
AspectJAroundAdvice   Spring AOP around advice (MethodInterceptor) that wraps an AspectJ advice method.  code | html
AspectJExpressionPointcut   Spring org.springframework.aop.Pointcut implementation that uses the AspectJ weaver to evaluate a pointcut expression.  code | html
AspectJExpressionPointcut.BeanNameContextMatcher   Matcher class for the BeanNamePointcutDesignatorHandler.  code | html
AspectJExpressionPointcut.BeanNamePointcutDesignatorHandler   Handler for the Spring-specific bean() pointcut designator extension to AspectJ.  code | html
AspectJExpressionPointcutAdvisor   Spring AOP Advisor that can be used for any AspectJ pointcut expression.  code | html
AspectJMethodBeforeAdvice   Spring AOP advice that wraps an AspectJ before method.  code | html
AspectJPointcutAdvisor   AspectJPointcutAdvisor that adapts an AbstractAspectJAdvice to the org.springframework.aop.PointcutAdvisor interface.  code | html
AspectJWeaverMessageHandler   Implementation of AspectJ's IMessageHandler interface that routes AspectJ weaving messages through the same logging system as the regular Spring messages.  code | html
DeclareParentsAdvisor   Introduction advisor delegating to the given object.  code | html
MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint   Implementation of AspectJ ProceedingJoinPoint interface wrapping an AOP Alliance MethodInvocation.  code | html
MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint.MethodSignatureImpl   Lazily initialized MethodSignature.  code | html
MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint.SourceLocationImpl   Lazily initialized SourceLocation.  code | html
RuntimeTestWalker   This class encapsulates some AspectJ internal knowledge that should be pushed back into the AspectJ project in a future release.  code | html
RuntimeTestWalker.SubtypeSensitiveVarTypeTestVisitor     code | html
RuntimeTestWalker.TargetInstanceOfResidueTestVisitor   Check if residue of target(TYPE) kind. See SPR-3783 for more details.  code | html
RuntimeTestWalker.TestVisitorAdapter     code | html
RuntimeTestWalker.ThisInstanceOfResidueTestVisitor   Check if residue of this(TYPE) kind. See SPR-2979 for more details.  code | html
SimpleAspectInstanceFactory   Implementation of AspectInstanceFactory that creates a new instance of the specified aspect class for every #getAspectInstance() call.  code | html
SingletonAspectInstanceFactory   Implementation of AspectInstanceFactory that is backed by a specified singleton object, returning the same instance for every #getAspectInstance() call.  code | html
TypePatternClassFilter   Spring AOP ClassFilter implementation using AspectJ type matching.  code | html