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public interface: SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AspectJAwareAdvisorAutoProxyCreator, RequiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor, AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator, AutowiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor, AnnotationAwareAspectJAutoProxyCreator, InfrastructureAdvisorAutoProxyCreator, BeanNameAutoProxyCreator, InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessorAdapter, ScriptFactoryPostProcessor, AbstractAutoProxyCreator, DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator

Extension of the InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor interface, adding a callback for predicting the eventual type of a processed bean.

NOTE: This interface is a special purpose interface, mainly for internal use within the framework. In general, application-provided post-processors should simply implement the plain BeanPostProcessor interface or derive from the InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessorAdapter class. New methods might be added to this interface even in point releases.

Method from org.springframework.beans.factory.config.SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor Summary:
determineCandidateConstructors,   getEarlyBeanReference,   predictBeanType
Method from org.springframework.beans.factory.config.SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor Detail:
 public Constructor[] determineCandidateConstructors(Class beanClass,
    String beanName) throws BeansException
    Determine the candidate constructors to use for the given bean.
 public Object getEarlyBeanReference(Object bean,
    String beanName) throws BeansException
    Obtain a reference for early access to the specified bean, typically for the purpose of resolving a circular reference.

    This callback gives post-processors a chance to expose a wrapper early - that is, before the target bean instance is fully initialized. The exposed object should be equivalent to the what #postProcessBeforeInitialization / #postProcessAfterInitialization would expose otherwise. Note that the object returned by this method will be used as bean reference unless the post-processor returns a different wrapper from said post-process callbacks. In other words: Those post-process callbacks may either eventually expose the same reference or alternatively return the raw bean instance from those subsequent callbacks (if the wrapper for the affected bean has been built for a call to this method already, it will be exposes as final bean reference by default).

 public Class predictBeanType(Class beanClass,
    String beanName) throws BeansException