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public interface: Ordered [javadoc | source] Interface that can be implemented by objects that should be orderable, for example in a Collection.

The actual order can be interpreted as prioritization, with the first object (with the lowest order value) having the highest priority.

Note that there is a 'priority' marker for this interface: PriorityOrdered . Order values expressed by PriorityOrdered objects always apply before order values of 'plain' Ordered values.

Field Summary
 int HIGHEST_PRECEDENCE    Useful constant for the highest precedence value.
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 int LOWEST_PRECEDENCE    Useful constant for the lowest precedence value.
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Method from org.springframework.core.Ordered Summary:
Method from org.springframework.core.Ordered Detail:
 public int getOrder()
    Return the order value of this object, with a higher value meaning greater in terms of sorting.

    Normally starting with 0 or 1, with #LOWEST_PRECEDENCE indicating greatest. Same order values will result in arbitrary positions for the affected objects.

    Higher value can be interpreted as lower priority, consequently the first object has highest priority (somewhat analogous to Servlet "load-on-startup" values).

    Note that order values below 0 are reserved for framework purposes. Application-specified values should always be 0 or greater, with only framework components (internal or third-party) supposed to use lower values.