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public interface: Selector [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DescendantSelector, SiblingSelector, ProcessingInstructionSelector, CharacterDataSelector, ElementSelector, SimpleSelector, NegativeSelector, ConditionalSelector

This interface defines a selector.

Remarks: Not all the following selectors are supported (or will be supported) by CSS.

All examples are CSS2 compliant.

Field Summary
public static final  short SAC_CONDITIONAL_SELECTOR    This is a conditional selector. example:
public static final  short SAC_ANY_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches any node. 
public static final  short SAC_ROOT_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches the root node. 
public static final  short SAC_NEGATIVE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only node that are different from a specified one. 
public static final  short SAC_ELEMENT_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only element node. example:
public static final  short SAC_TEXT_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only text node. 
public static final  short SAC_CDATA_SECTION_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only cdata node. 
public static final  short SAC_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only processing instruction node. 
public static final  short SAC_COMMENT_NODE_SELECTOR    This selector matches only comment node. 
public static final  short SAC_PSEUDO_ELEMENT_SELECTOR    This selector matches the 'first line' pseudo element. example:
public static final  short SAC_DESCENDANT_SELECTOR    This selector matches an arbitrary descendant of some ancestor element. example:
  E F
public static final  short SAC_CHILD_SELECTOR    This selector matches a childhood relationship between two elements. example:
  E > F
public static final  short SAC_DIRECT_ADJACENT_SELECTOR    This selector matches two selectors who shared the same parent in the document tree and the element represented by the first sequence immediately precedes the element represented by the second one. example:
  E + F
Method from org.w3c.css.sac.Selector Summary:
Method from org.w3c.css.sac.Selector Detail:
 public short getSelectorType()
    An integer indicating the type of Selector