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Uses of Class

Uses of InputSource in org.w3c.css.sac

Methods in org.w3c.css.sac with parameters of type InputSource
 void DocumentHandler.startDocument(InputSource source)
          Receive notification of the beginning of a style sheet.
 void DocumentHandler.endDocument(InputSource source)
          Receive notification of the end of a document.
 void Parser.parseStyleSheet(InputSource source)
          Parse a CSS document.
 void Parser.parseStyleDeclaration(InputSource source)
          Parse a CSS style declaration (without '{' and '}').
 void Parser.parseRule(InputSource source)
          Parse a CSS rule.
 SelectorList Parser.parseSelectors(InputSource source)
          Parse a comma separated list of selectors.
 LexicalUnit Parser.parsePropertyValue(InputSource source)
          Parse a CSS property value.
 boolean Parser.parsePriority(InputSource source)
          Parse a CSS priority value (e.g.