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HTMLAnchorElement   The anchor element.  code | html
HTMLAppletElement   An embedded Java applet.  code | html
HTMLAreaElement   Client-side image map area definition.  code | html
HTMLBRElement   Force a line break.  code | html
HTMLBaseElement   Document base URI [IETF RFC 2396].  code | html
HTMLBaseFontElement   Base font.  code | html
HTMLBodyElement   The HTML document body.  code | html
HTMLButtonElement   Push button.  code | html
HTMLCollection   An HTMLCollection is a list of nodes.  code | html
HTMLDListElement   Definition list.  code | html
HTMLDirectoryElement   Directory list.  code | html
HTMLDivElement   Generic block container.  code | html
HTMLDocument   An HTMLDocument is the root of the HTML hierarchy and holds the entire content.  code | html
HTMLElement   All HTML element interfaces derive from this class.  code | html
HTMLFieldSetElement   Organizes form controls into logical groups.  code | html
HTMLFontElement   Local change to font.  code | html
HTMLFormElement   The FORM element encompasses behavior similar to a collection and an element.  code | html
HTMLFrameElement   Create a frame.  code | html
HTMLFrameSetElement   Create a grid of frames.  code | html
HTMLHRElement   Create a horizontal rule.  code | html
HTMLHeadElement   Document head information.  code | html
HTMLHeadingElement   For the H1 to H6 elements.  code | html
HTMLHtmlElement   Root of an HTML document.  code | html
HTMLIFrameElement   Inline subwindows.  code | html
HTMLImageElement   Embedded image.  code | html
HTMLInputElement   Form control.Depending upon the environment in which the page is being viewed, the value property may be read-only for the file upload input type.  code | html
HTMLIsIndexElement   This element is used for single-line text input.  code | html
HTMLLIElement   List item.  code | html
HTMLLabelElement   Form field label text.  code | html
HTMLLegendElement   Provides a caption for a FIELDSET grouping.  code | html
HTMLLinkElement   The LINK element specifies a link to an external resource, and defines this document's relationship to that resource (or vice versa).  code | html
HTMLMapElement   Client-side image map.  code | html
HTMLMenuElement   Menu list.  code | html
HTMLMetaElement   This contains generic meta-information about the document.  code | html
HTMLModElement   Notice of modification to part of a document.  code | html
HTMLOListElement   Ordered list.  code | html
HTMLObjectElement   Generic embedded object.In principle, all properties on the object element are read-write but in some environments some properties may be read-only once the underlying object is instantiated.  code | html
HTMLOptGroupElement   Group options together in logical subdivisions.  code | html
HTMLOptionElement   A selectable choice.  code | html
HTMLOptionsCollection   An HTMLOptionsCollection is a list of nodes representing HTML option element.  code | html
HTMLParagraphElement   Paragraphs.  code | html
HTMLParamElement   Parameters fed to the OBJECT element.  code | html
HTMLPreElement   Preformatted text.  code | html
HTMLQuoteElement   For the Q and BLOCKQUOTE elements.  code | html
HTMLScriptElement   Script statements.  code | html
HTMLSelectElement   The select element allows the selection of an option.  code | html
HTMLStyleElement   Style information.  code | html
HTMLTableCaptionElement   Table caption See the CAPTION element definition in HTML 4.01.  code | html
HTMLTableCellElement   The object used to represent the TH and TD elements.  code | html
HTMLTableColElement   Regroups the COL and COLGROUP elements.  code | html
HTMLTableElement   The create* and delete* methods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables.  code | html
HTMLTableRowElement   A row in a table.  code | html
HTMLTableSectionElement   The THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements.  code | html
HTMLTextAreaElement   Multi-line text field.  code | html
HTMLTitleElement   The document title.  code | html
HTMLUListElement   Unordered list.  code | html