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DOMImplementationLS   DOMImplementationLS contains the factory methods for creating Load and Save objects.  code | html
LSInput   This interface represents an input source for data.  code | html
LSLoadEvent   This interface represents a load event object that signals the completion of a document load.  code | html
LSOutput   This interface represents an output destination for data.  code | html
LSParser   An interface to an object that is able to build, or augment, a DOM tree from various input sources.  code | html
LSParserFilter   LSParserFilters provide applications the ability to examine nodes as they are being constructed while parsing.  code | html
LSProgressEvent   This interface represents a progress event object that notifies the application about progress as a document is parsed.  code | html
LSResourceResolver   LSResourceResolver provides a way for applications to redirect references to external resources.  code | html
LSSerializer   A LSSerializer provides an API for serializing (writing) a DOM document out into XML.  code | html
LSSerializerFilter   LSSerializerFilters provide applications the ability to examine nodes as they are being serialized and decide what nodes should be serialized or not.  code | html


LSException   Parser or write operations may throw an LSException if the processing is stopped.  code | html