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Uses of Class

Uses of Token in org.w3c.flute.parser

Fields in org.w3c.flute.parser declared as Token
          A reference to the next regular (non-special) token from the input stream.
 Token Token.specialToken
          This field is used to access special tokens that occur prior to this token, but after the immediately preceding regular (non-special) token.
 Token ParseException.currentToken
          This is the last token that has been consumed successfully.
 Token Parser.token
 Token Parser.jj_nt
private  Token Parser.jj_scanpos
private  Token Parser.jj_lastpos
(package private)  Token Parser.JJCalls.first

Methods in org.w3c.flute.parser that return Token
private  Token ParserTokenManager.jjFillToken()
 Token ParserTokenManager.getNextToken()
static Token Token.newToken(int ofKind)
          Returns a new Token object, by default.
private  Token Parser.jj_consume_token(int kind)
 Token Parser.getNextToken()
 Token Parser.getToken(int index)

Methods in org.w3c.flute.parser with parameters of type Token
(package private)  void ParserTokenManager.TokenLexicalActions(Token matchedToken)
 LocatorImpl LocatorImpl.reInit(Parser p, Token tok)
          Reinitializes a LocatorImpl
private  LocatorImpl Parser.getLocator(Token save)
(package private)  float Parser.number(char operator, Token n, int lengthUnit)
(package private)  void Parser.rejectToken(Token t)

Constructors in org.w3c.flute.parser with parameters of type Token
ParseException(Token currentTokenVal, int[][] expectedTokenSequencesVal, java.lang.String[] tokenImageVal)
          This constructor is used by the method "generateParseException" in the generated parser.
LocatorImpl(Parser p, Token tok)
          Reinitializes a LocatorImpl