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public class: Base64Decoder [javadoc | source]
Decode a BASE64 encoded input stream to some output stream. This class implements BASE64 decoding, as specified in the MIME specification.
Field Summary
 InputStream in     
 OutputStream out     
 boolean stringp     
 public Base64Decoder(String input) 
    Create a decoder to decode a String.
    input - The string to be decoded.
 public Base64Decoder(InputStream in,
    OutputStream out) 
    Create a decoder to decode a stream.
    in - The input stream (to be decoded).
    out - The output stream, to write decoded data to.
Method from org.w3c.tools.codec.Base64Decoder Summary:
main,   process,   processString
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Method from org.w3c.tools.codec.Base64Decoder Detail:
 public static  void main(String[] args) 
    Test the decoder. Run it with one argument: the string to be decoded, it will print out the decoded value.
 public  void process() throws Base64FormatException, IOException 
    Do the actual decoding. Process the input stream by decoding it and emiting the resulting bytes into the output stream.
 public String processString() throws Base64FormatException 
    Do the decoding, and return a String. This methods should be called when the decoder is used in String mode. It decodes the input string to an output string that is returned.