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public interface: XMLFilter [javadoc | source]

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Interface for an XML filter.
This module, both source code and documentation, is in the Public Domain, and comes with NO WARRANTY. See http://www.saxproject.org for further information.

An XML filter is like an XML reader, except that it obtains its events from another XML reader rather than a primary source like an XML document or database. Filters can modify a stream of events as they pass on to the final application.

The XMLFilterImpl helper class provides a convenient base for creating SAX2 filters, by passing on all EntityResolver , DTDHandler , ContentHandler and ErrorHandler events automatically.

Method from org.xml.sax.XMLFilter Summary:
getParent,   setParent
Method from org.xml.sax.XMLFilter Detail:
 abstract public XMLReader getParent()
    Get the parent reader.

    This method allows the application to query the parent reader (which may be another filter). It is generally a bad idea to perform any operations on the parent reader directly: they should all pass through this filter.

 abstract public  void setParent(XMLReader parent)
    Set the parent reader.

    This method allows the application to link the filter to a parent reader (which may be another filter). The argument may not be null.