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org.znerd.xmlenc.sax: Xmlenc, the fast XML output library.  


XMLEventListener: Interface for XML event listeners. State transitions XML event sources must obey a state model when calling XMLEventListener s. However, an XMLEventListener is not required to check that this state model is actually respected. If it does, then it will throw an java.lang.IllegalStateException if the state model is violated. Stateful XMLEventListener implementations should implement the StatefulXMLEventListener interface instead of implementing XMLEventListener directly. Initially the state of an uninitialized XMLEventListener is UNINITIALIZED 55 . The following table defines how the state changes ...
XMLOutputter: Stream-based XML outputter. Instances of this class are able to write XML output to Writers . Standards compliance This class is intended to produce output that conforms to the XML 1.0 Specification . However, not all applicable restrictions are validated. For example, it is currently not checked if names contain characters that are invalid within a Name production. Furthermore, not all possible XML documents can be produced. The following limitations apply: The name of the applicable encoding is always printed in the XML declaration, even though it may not be necessary. The standalone attribute ...
XMLEncoder: Encodes character streams for an XML document. The following encodings are supported: UTF-8 UTF-16 US-ASCII , with alias ASCII all ISO-8859 encodings
StatefulXMLEventListener: Stateful XMLEventListener . This interface adds a single getState() 55 .
SAXEventReceiver: SAX handler that receives SAX events and transforms them to xmlenc events.
XMLChecker: Utility class that provides XML checking functionality.
Library: Class that represents this xmlenc library.
InvalidXMLException: Exception thrown when invalid XML is detected.
XMLEventListenerStates: All XMLEventListenerState s.
LineBreak: Enumeration type for line breaks.
XMLEventListenerState: State for an XML event listener.

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