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paunch: Javadoc index of package paunch.

Package Samples:



PaunchIconProxy: PaunchIconProxy is a proxy (or surrogate) for an icon. Attempt to improve performance of icon loading The proxy delays loading the image until the first time the image is drawn. Original idea taken from JavaWorld Feb 2002 "Take control with the Proxy design pattern"
ButtonTarget: Utility public class for dragging files onto a ItemButton Known not to function on Linux due to the fact that Sun's JRE doesn't support the drag and drop protocol (XDnD) used by gnome and kde TODO: provide bug reference
AppPersistence: A class to load application defaults, currently only the window location. Launcher group/item information is stored in a separate xml file.
OptionPaneValueListener: A listener for the config dialog's option pane. Attempts to apply changes on an 'OK' mouse click, with validation for vetoed properties
CommandField: The CommandField public class acts as a miniature command line Executes native commands through RunTime.exec()
FilePropertyEditor: A property editor for selecting files. Assumption: the property will be stored in the bean as a String, not as a File
LauncherObjectBeanInfo: BeanInfo for LauncherObject, not to be used directly but for subtypes of LauncherObject.
DialogListener: A window listener for the config dialog, supplying a correct value for its option pane
ItemView: An interface representing a gui component for a paunch.dom.LauncherItem
ClassicGroupView: A ScrollableGroupView with an associated button for the group
PositionAdapter: A listener for positional changed affecting the application's window
LauncherObject: A parent interface to extract commonality between items and groups
BeanUtility: A class to retrieve Bean editor UI Strings for the default locale
DirectoryPropertyEditor: A FilePropertyEditor for selecting only directories
PropertyComboBox: A editor component for Property Editors with predefined values
BeanDialog: A dialog for editing JavaBeans, with a status bar for messages
BasicFileFilter: An basic file filter for filtering based on a file extension
PropertyTextField: A editor component for PropertyEditors supporting text input
ImagePropertyEditor: A FilePropertyEditor for selecting only images
SoundPropertyEditor: A FilePropertyEditor for selecting only sounds
Paunch: The Paunch class is the main Launcher class.
GroupView: A tagging interface for UI components displaying a group
ToolBarDisplayView: An experimental 'classic' display style, using a toolbar

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