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phoebe: Javadoc index of package phoebe.

Package Samples:



PNodeView: This Class is the BasicPNodeView. It has very limited support. Go look at plain old @see PNodeView. If you are going to make your own NodeView then you might be in the in the right place. Because we are using Piccolo, it becomes both appropriate and necessary to add only "PNode" Objects to the SceneGraph. At this point, if you are not familiar with Piccolo, become that way, possibly by reading on. So PNode is the Base class in Piccolo, and every viewable object inherits from it. There are a number of very useful Piccolo provided nodes, like PClip, P3DRect, PPath, PText, PImage and PLens. The phoebe ...
PGraphView: Default Behaviors: Middle-Click + Drag Move the entire canvas around the window Right-Click + Drag Zoom in and Out Left-Click + Drag Selection Marquee CTRL+Left-Click on a Node Start Making and Edge, CTRL+Left-Click on a different Node to complete the edge.
PSelectionHandler: PSelectionHandler provides standard interaction for selection. Clicking selects the object under the cursor. Shift-clicking allows multiple objects to be selected. Dragging offers marquee selection. Pressing the delete key deletes the selection by default.
PEdgeEndIcon: Base class that encapsulates some of the basic functionality needed to draw an icon. This class should be extended by any new icon. If this class is instantiated directly, it will not draw anything and will not appear in any way on the screen.
PEdgeView: This class extends a PNode and does most of what PPath would do but lets the Painting get done by BasicPEdgeUI
ArrowEdge: This class extends a PNode and does most of what PPath would do but lets the Painting get done by BasicPEdgeUI
PPointLocator: A PNodeLocator that locates itself based on a known point. Generally defeats the purpose of a locator.
Cubic: This class represents a cubic polynomial data structure. The function is: a + bu + cu^2 +du^3.
PNamedHandle: A little wrapper class that adds a name to a PHandle. Used primarily for debugging purposes.
Bend: A class that encapsulates the representation of the bend used for a particular EdgeView.
CubicGenerator: A class to calculate the cubic spline curve based on input points.
PGraphEditEventHandler: Provides a way to Draw on the canvas by hilding down CTRL
PContextMenu: This class should probably be put into Client code
PFishEye: The idea of this fisheye lens is that it will zoom
PEdgeHandler: The Edge selection and modification Event handler
PTIcon: Draws a T icon at the target end of the edge.
PArrowIcon: Draws an arrow icon at the target point.
PDiamondIcon: Draws a diamond icon at the target node.
PCircleIcon: Draws a circle icon at the target node.
PLabel: The Label class for nodes and edges

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