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PhoneBill: This class is a standalone program capable of generating a phone bill based on the given command line parameters and (eventually) a configuration file.
LogReader: This class is used to read log files and select only those lines that are accepted by a given LogFilter.
LogLine: This class is used to store log entries containing a date for this entry, an action and the entry text.
PhoneCallList: This class stores a list of phone calls and a complete list of the users involved in those phone calls.
Out: This class provides output capabilities. The underlying mechanism uses PrintWriters with autoflushing.
PhoneUser: This class stores details for a single user, including the total cost related to this user.
TokenLogFilter: This class is used to filter log entries based on tokens with corresponding action IDs.
PhonePrice: This class defines a price list for a specific provider based on a list of price rules.
LogLineOrderer: This class is used to compare log entry dates and in case of date equality, actions.
LogFilter: This interface defines methods needed to filter log entries based on action IDs.
IntervalFileFilter: This class filters files based on a given time interval for modification date.
PhoneCall: This class stores a complete phone call divided into a number of intervals.
PhoneCallInterval: This class stores a single time interval in a specific phone call.
PhonePriceRule: This class defines a single rule for phone call pricing.
PrefixFileFilter: This class filters files based on a given prefix.
PhoneLogParser: This class parses the relevant phone log files.
Parameters: This class provides program parameter handling.

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