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PrefixHierarchy: A PrefixHierarchy object is a node in a multiply-branching tree designed to optimize the dispatch of data added and data removed events. Most of the listeners in the repository, when they receive a data added or data removed event, invoke a (computationally expensive) Perl-style pattern match to see if they are really interested in the event. We can therefore greatly increase efficiency if we only dispatch events to potentially interested parties. Most of the objects interested in added/removed events are not interested in the entire repository. Rather, they are interested in elements added or ...
CppFilter: Perform cpp-like macro expansion on a stream of text. Currently expands #define macros. Macros with and without arguments are supported. Expansion is done in traditional style, as per "cpp -E -x -P -traditional". Also supports #undef . Also expands limited #ifdef and #ifndef macros. #ifdef identifier and #ifndef identifier are supported, as are the matching #endif and the optional #else . The more sophisticated #if and #elif are NOT supported. Does NOT process #include directives, and does NOT filter out comments.
HashTree: Implements a specialized hashtable. Keys must be strings, but values can be of any type. Neither keys nor values may be null. Key strings are assumed to contain frequent instances of the '/' character. Keys are split apart on these '/' characters, and a hierarchically nested tree of hashtables is used to store the results.
FormToHTML: This class can export dashboard forms to HTML format, by replacing all <INPUT>, <SELECT>, and <TEXTAREA> elements with applicable HTML representing the corresponding data.
Repository: The Repository remote interface allows an object to access data values in the repository and listen for changes in those values.
DataListener: The DataListener remote interface allows an object to receive notification when the value of a piece of named data changes.
LocalExpressionContext: This class creates a local namespace around another expression context, allowing the data element [_] to be locally set.
RelativeExpressionContext: This class creates a local namespace around another expression context, defining a new default prefix for data elements.
ListFunction: This is a tagging interface; its presence indicates that a data element prototype is a function that computes a list.

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