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Class Rectangle  view Rectangle download

  extended byjavax.faces.component.UIComponent
      extended byjavax.faces.component.UIComponentBase
          extended byjavax.faces.component.UIOutput
              extended byrenderkits.components.svg.Shape
                  extended byrenderkits.components.svg.Rectangle
All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.faces.component.StateHolder, javax.faces.component.ValueHolder

public class Rectangle
extends Shape

Rectangle is a JavaServer Faces component that renders a SVG markup for a rectangle.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String COMPONENT_FAMILY
          The standard component family for this component.
static java.lang.String COMPONENT_TYPE
          The standard component type for this component.
Fields inherited from class javax.faces.component.UIOutput
Fields inherited from class javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getFamily()
          Return the component family for this component.
Methods inherited from class javax.faces.component.UIOutput
getConverter, getLocalValue, getValue, restoreState, saveState, setConverter, setValue
Methods inherited from class javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase
addFacesListener, broadcast, decode, encodeBegin, encodeChildren, encodeEnd, findComponent, getAttributes, getChildCount, getChildren, getClientId, getFacesContext, getFacesListeners, getFacet, getFacets, getFacetsAndChildren, getId, getParent, getRenderer, getRendererType, getRendersChildren, getValueBinding, isRendered, isTransient, processDecodes, processRestoreState, processSaveState, processUpdates, processValidators, queueEvent, removeFacesListener, restoreAttachedState, saveAttachedState, setId, setParent, setRendered, setRendererType, setTransient, setValueBinding
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String COMPONENT_TYPE

The standard component type for this component.

See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String COMPONENT_FAMILY

The standard component family for this component.

See Also:
Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public Rectangle()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getFamily()

Return the component family for this component.