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Package Samples:

ro.nolimits.rue.conf: The main package of RUE  
ro.nolimits.rue.util: The main package of RUE  
ro.nolimits.gui.splitpanel: Diverse GUI classes.  
ro.nolimits.gui.tree: Diverse GUI classes.  


OperationPerTimeCounter: Used to calculate number of operations occurred during a time interval. Was builded for working with cumulative values, so we only have to pass the current value to the hit method. Basically we can use the two methods to get valuable results. the getCount for counting the number of times hit was called during the specified amount of time and getOperationsNumber to know how much the cumulative counter has been incremented during the same specified amount of time.
DrawTree: The DrawTree class. This class is generic framework to browser any hierarhical structure. Genericity is obtained throuth the use of 'Id': the DrawTree inself does not perform any action in response to user events, but simply forward them as notification to Id .Each item inserted may have its own Id. Any item added in the Tree is displayed with an icon, and a label. When a Id receive a notification on a node, it may change this node, to modify or update its appearance.
Timer: Once the timer is set, it must be cleared via the reset() method, or the timeout() method is called. The timeout length is customizable, by changing the 'length' property, or through the constructor. The length represents the length of the timer in milliseconds.
NColorDialog: Create a new colo dialog. The dialog will accept an rgb color from the user and when the "Do It" button is pressed the color of the component named in the initialization will be changed to this new color.
TreeNode: The representation of a node of a DrawTree. A TreeNode is used by the DrawTree to store informations related to a node. It is also given as parameter in the notifications DrawTree send to handlers.
NSpinButton: This works on a text component changing it's value by step. Was designed and tested for int values, and does not make any validation or check, all this should be made in the text component
AveragePerTimeCounter: Used to count life-time. Given a time period, it tracks the number of cals of the hit() method durring that time period, and makes an average of the values passed in.
ColorGenerator: A utility class which generates random colors to be used to represent the data channels. It tries not to generate the same color more times.
JarResources: JarResources: JarResources maps all resources included in a Zip or Jar file. Additionaly, it provides a method to extract one as a blob.
HitPerTimeCounter: Used to count life-time. Given a time period, it tracks the number of cals of the hit() method durring that time period.
OffsetTimer: Extends the Timer class implementing TimeoutException and Listener
TimeoutListener: Implements a simple TimeoutListener for the OffsetTimer class
RueMath: A generic class which should host some use full functions
NImage: A simple image class, which this time is a component
TimeoutException: A simple Time out exception for the OffsetTimer
ImageCache: A Basic Image Cache class.
NodeId: The interface to be implemented by nodes.
NDialog: Implements a simple Dialog window
SplitPanelListener: Interface SplitPanelListener
TreeBrowser: The TreeBrowser class.
SplitPanelEvent: The SplitPanelEvent

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