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public interface: InputMethodSupport [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MToolkit, WToolkit, SunToolkit, HToolkit, XToolkit, UNIXToolkit

Input method support for toolkits
Method from sun.awt.InputMethodSupport Summary:
createInputMethodWindow,   enableInputMethodsForTextComponent,   getDefaultKeyboardLocale,   getInputMethodAdapterDescriptor
Method from sun.awt.InputMethodSupport Detail:
 public Window createInputMethodWindow(String title,
    InputContext context)
    Returns a new input method window for the platform
 public boolean enableInputMethodsForTextComponent()
    Returns whether input methods are enabled on the platform
 public Locale getDefaultKeyboardLocale()
    Returns the default keyboard locale of the underlying operating system.
 public InputMethodDescriptor getInputMethodAdapterDescriptor() throws AWTException
    Returns a new input method adapter descriptor for native input methods.