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public class: PaintEventDispatcher [javadoc | source]
PaintEventDispatcher is responsible for dispatching PaintEvents. There can be only one PaintEventDispatcher active at a particular time.
Method from sun.awt.PaintEventDispatcher Summary:
createPaintEvent,   getPaintEventDispatcher,   queueSurfaceDataReplacing,   setPaintEventDispatcher,   shouldDoNativeBackgroundErase
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Method from sun.awt.PaintEventDispatcher Detail:
 public PaintEvent createPaintEvent(Component target,
    int x,
    int y,
    int w,
    int h) 
    Creates and returns the PaintEvent that should be dispatched for the specified component. If this returns null no PaintEvent is dispatched.

    WARNING: This is invoked from the native thread, be careful what methods you end up invoking here.

 public static PaintEventDispatcher getPaintEventDispatcher() 
    Returns the currently active PaintEventDispatcher. This will never return null.
 public boolean queueSurfaceDataReplacing(Component c,
    Runnable r) 
    This method is invoked from the toolkit thread when the surface data of the component needs to be replaced. The method run() of the Runnable argument performs surface data replacing, run() should be invoked on the EDT of this component's AppContext. Returns true if the Runnable has been enqueued to be invoked on the EDT. (Fix 6255371.)
 public static  void setPaintEventDispatcher(PaintEventDispatcher dispatcher) 
    Sets the current PaintEventDispatcher.
 public boolean shouldDoNativeBackgroundErase(Component c) 
    Returns true if a native background erase should be done for the specified Component.