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InfoWindow.Balloon.LiveArguments     code | html
InfoWindow.LiveArguments     code | html
InfoWindow.Tooltip.LiveArguments     code | html
OwnershipListener     code | html
ToplevelStateListener     code | html
XAbstractMenuItem     code | html
XChoicePeerListener     code | html
XDragSourceProtocolListener     code | html
XDropTargetProtocolListener     code | html
XEventDispatcher   Interface representing abstract event dispatchers in the system.  code | html
XKeySymConstants     code | html
XLayerProtocol     code | html
XMSelectionListener     code | html
XModalityProtocol     code | html
XScrollbarClient   Interface for notifying a client that a scrollbar has changed.  code | html
XStateProtocol     code | html
XToolkit.XEventListener     code | html

Abstract Classes:

InfoWindow   An utility window class. This is a base class for Tooltip and Balloon.  code | html
XBaseMenuWindow   The abstract class XBaseMenuWindow is the superclass of all menu windows.  code | html
XDecoratedPeer     code | html
XDragSourceProtocol   An abstract class for drag protocols on X11 systems.  code | html
XDropTargetProtocol   An abstract class for drop protocols on X11 systems.  code | html
XErrorHandler     code | html
XScrollbar   A simple vertical scroll bar.  code | html
XWrapperBase     code | html


XBaseWindow.InitialiseState     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.JavaMouseEventHandler.Pointer.Type     code | html
FileDialogFilter     code | html
GtkFileDialogPeer   FileDialogPeer for the GtkFileChooser.  code | html
InfoWindow.Balloon     code | html
InfoWindow.Balloon.ActionPerformer     code | html
InfoWindow.Balloon.Displayer     code | html
InfoWindow.Balloon.Message     code | html
InfoWindow.Closer     code | html
InfoWindow.Tooltip     code | html
ListHelper     code | html
MWMConstants     code | html
MotifColorUtilities   This class contains code that is need to mimic the Motif Color selection and color defaults code.  code | html
MotifDnDConstants   Motif DnD protocol global constants and convenience routines.  code | html
MotifDnDConstants.Swapper     code | html
MotifDnDDragSourceProtocol   XDragSourceProtocol implementation for Motif DnD protocol.  code | html
MotifDnDDropTargetProtocol   XDropTargetProtocol implementation for Motif DnD protocol.  code | html
Native   This class contains the collection of utility functions to help work with native data types on different platforms similarly.  code | html
Separator     code | html
ToBin     code | html
UnsafeXDisposerRecord     code | html
WindowDimensions     code | html
WindowPropertyGetter     code | html
XAWTFormatter   Formatter class providing ANSI output. Based on java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter sources.  code | html
XAWTLookAndFeel     code | html
XAWTXSettings     code | html
XAtom   XAtom is a class that allows you to create and modify X Window properties.  code | html
XAtomList   Helper class to ease the work with the lists of atoms.  code | html
XAwtState   This class is a placeholder for all internal static objects that represent system state.  code | html
XBaseMenuWindow.MappingData     code | html
XBaseWindow     code | html
XBaseWindow.StateLock     code | html
XButtonPeer     code | html
XCanvasPeer     code | html
XCheckboxMenuItemPeer     code | html
XCheckboxPeer     code | html
XChoicePeer     code | html
XChoicePeer.UnfurledChoice   Inner class for the unfurled Choice list Much, much more docs  code | html
XClipboard   A class which interfaces with the X11 selection service in order to support data transfer via Clipboard operations.  code | html
XClipboard.CheckChangeTimerTask     code | html
XClipboard.SelectionNotifyHandler     code | html
XComponentPeer     code | html
XConstants     code | html
XContentWindow   This class implements window which serves as content window for decorated frames.  code | html
XContentWindow.SavedExposeEvent     code | html
XCreateWindowParams     code | html
XCursorFontConstants     code | html
XCustomCursor   A class to encapsulate a custom image-based cursor.  code | html
XDataTransferer   Platform-specific support for the data transfer subsystem.  code | html
XDesktopPeer   Concrete implementation of the interface DesktopPeer for the Gnome desktop on Linux and Unix platforms.  code | html
XDialogPeer     code | html
XDnDConstants   XDnD protocol global constants.  code | html
XDnDDragSourceProtocol   XDragSourceProtocol implementation for XDnD protocol.  code | html
XDnDDropTargetProtocol   XDropTargetProtocol implementation for XDnD protocol.  code | html
XDragAndDropProtocols   This class is a registry for the supported drag and drop protocols.  code | html
XDragSourceContextPeer   The XDragSourceContextPeer class is the class responsible for handling the interaction between the XDnD/Motif DnD subsystem and Java drag sources.  code | html
XDragSourceProtocol.TargetWindowInfo     code | html
XDropTargetContextPeer   The XDropTargetContextPeer is the class responsible for handling the interaction between the XDnD/Motif DnD subsystem and Java drop targets.  code | html
XDropTargetContextPeer.XDropTargetProtocolListenerImpl     code | html
XDropTargetEventProcessor   This class is a registry for the supported drag and drop protocols.  code | html
XDropTargetProtocol.EmbedderRegistryEntry     code | html
XDropTargetRegistry   The class responsible for registration/deregistration of drop sites.  code | html
XDropTargetRegistry.EmbeddedDropSiteEntry     code | html
XEmbedCanvasPeer     code | html
XEmbedCanvasPeer.GrabbedKey     code | html
XEmbedCanvasPeer.XEmbedDropTarget     code | html
XEmbedCanvasPeer.XEmbedServer     code | html
XEmbedChildProxy     code | html
XEmbedChildProxyPeer     code | html
XEmbedClientHelper   Helper class implementing XEmbed protocol handling routines(client side) Window which wants to participate in a protocol should create an instance, call install and forward all XClientMessageEvents to it.  code | html
XEmbedHelper   Common class for all XEmbed protocol participating classes.  code | html
XEmbedServerTester   Test XEmbed server implementation.  code | html
XEmbeddedFrame     code | html
XEmbeddedFramePeer     code | html
XEmbeddingContainer     code | html
XErrorHandler.IgnoreBadWindowHandler     code | html
XErrorHandler.VerifyChangePropertyHandler     code | html
XErrorHandler.XBaseErrorHandler     code | html
XException   Signals that some Xlib routine failed.  code | html
XFileDialogPeer     code | html
XFocusProxyWindow   This class represent focus holder window implementation.  code | html
XFontPeer     code | html
XFramePeer     code | html
XGlobalCursorManager     code | html
XHorizontalScrollbar   A simple horizontal scroll bar.  code | html
XIconInfo     code | html
XIconWindow     code | html
XInputMethod   Input Method Adapter for XIM (without Motif)  code | html
XInputMethodDescriptor     code | html
XKeyboardFocusManagerPeer     code | html
XKeysym     code | html
XKeysym.Keysym2JavaKeycode     code | html
XLabelPeer     code | html
XListPeer     code | html
XListPeer.ListPainter   Sometimes painter is called on Toolkit thread, so the lock sequence is: awtLock -> Painter -> awtLock Sometimes it is called on other threads: Painter -> awtLock Since we can't guarantee the sequence, use awtLock.  code | html
XMSelection     code | html
XMenuBarPeer     code | html
XMenuBarPeer.MappingData   XBaseMenuWindow's mappingData is extended with desired height of menu bar  code | html
XMenuItemPeer     code | html
XMenuItemPeer.TextMetrics     code | html
XMenuPeer     code | html
XMenuWindow     code | html
XMenuWindow.MappingData   Mapping data  code | html

This subclass of MouseDragGestureRecognizer defines a DragGestureRecognizer for Mouse based gestures on OSF/Motif. 

code | html
XMouseInfoPeer     code | html
XNETProtocol     code | html
XPanelPeer     code | html
XPopupMenuPeer     code | html
XPropertyCache   Implements abstract X window property caching mechanism.  code | html
XPropertyCache.PropertyCacheEntry     code | html
XProtocol     code | html
XProtocolConstants     code | html
XQueryTree     code | html
XRepaintArea   The RepaintArea is a geometric construct created for the purpose of holding the geometry of several coalesced paint events.  code | html
XRobotPeer     code | html
XRootWindow   This class represents AWT application root window functionality.  code | html
XScrollPanePeer     code | html
XScrollPanePeer.XScrollPaneContentWindow     code | html
XScrollRepeater     code | html
XScrollbarPeer     code | html
XSelection   A class which interfaces with the X11 selection service.  code | html
XSelection.IncrementalDataProvider     code | html
XSelection.IncrementalTransferHandler     code | html
XSelection.SelectionEventHandler     code | html
XSystemTrayPeer     code | html
XTextAreaPeer     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.AWTTextArea     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.AWTTextAreaUI     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.AWTTextPane     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.AWTTextPane.XAWTScrollBar     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.BevelBorder     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.JavaMouseEventHandler     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.JavaMouseEventHandler.Pointer     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.XAWTCaret     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.XAWTScrollBarButton     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.XAWTScrollBarUI     code | html
XTextAreaPeer.XAWTScrollPaneUI     code | html
XTextFieldPeer     code | html
XTextFieldPeer.AWTTextFieldUI     code | html
XTextFieldPeer.XAWTCaret     code | html
XTextFieldPeer.XAWTTextField     code | html
XTextTransferHelper     code | html
XToolkit     code | html
XToolkitThreadBlockedHandler     code | html
XTranslateCoordinates     code | html
XTrayIconPeer     code | html
XTrayIconPeer.IconCanvas     code | html
XTrayIconPeer.IconCanvas.IconObserver     code | html
XTrayIconPeer.TrayIconCanvas     code | html
XTrayIconPeer.TrayIconEventProxy     code | html
XTrayIconPeer.XTrayIconEmbeddedFrame     code | html
XUtilConstants     code | html
XVerticalScrollbar   A simple vertical scroll bar.  code | html
XWINProtocol     code | html
XWM   Class incapsulating knowledge about window managers in general Descendants should provide some information about specific window manager.  code | html
XWarningWindow     code | html
XWindow     code | html
XWindowAttributesData     code | html
XWindowPeer     code | html
XlibUtil     code | html
XlibWrapper     code | html