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abstract public class: SunDragSourceContextPeer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    X11DragSourceContextPeer, WDragSourceContextPeer, MDragSourceContextPeer, XDragSourceContextPeer


Field Summary
protected static final  int DISPATCH_ENTER     
protected static final  int DISPATCH_MOTION     
protected static final  int DISPATCH_CHANGED     
protected static final  int DISPATCH_EXIT     
protected static final  int DISPATCH_FINISH     
protected static final  int DISPATCH_MOUSE_MOVED     
 public SunDragSourceContextPeer(DragGestureEvent dge) 
    construct a new SunDragSourceContextPeer
Method from sun.awt.dnd.SunDragSourceContextPeer Summary:
checkDragDropInProgress,   checkEvent,   convertModifiersToDropAction,   dragDropFinished,   dragExit,   getComponent,   getCursor,   getDragImage,   getDragImageOffset,   getDragSourceContext,   getNativeContext,   getTrigger,   postDragSourceDragEvent,   quitSecondaryEventLoop,   setCursor,   setDragDropInProgress,   setNativeContext,   setNativeCursor,   setTrigger,   startDrag,   startDrag,   startSecondaryEventLoop,   transferablesFlavorsChanged
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from sun.awt.dnd.SunDragSourceContextPeer Detail:
 public static  void checkDragDropInProgress() throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
 public static boolean checkEvent(AWTEvent event) 
    Filters out all mouse events that were on the java event queue when startDrag was called.
 public static int convertModifiersToDropAction(int modifiers,
    int supportedActions) 
 protected final  void dragDropFinished(boolean success,
    int operations,
    int x,
    int y) 
    upcall from native code via implemented class (do)
 protected final  void dragExit(int x,
    int y) 
    upcall from native code
 protected Component getComponent() 
 public Cursor getCursor() 
    return cursor
 public Image getDragImage() 
    Returns the drag image. If there is no image to drag, the returned value is {@code null}
 public Point getDragImageOffset() 
    Returns an anchor offset for the image to drag.
 protected DragSourceContext getDragSourceContext() 
 protected synchronized long getNativeContext() 
 protected DragGestureEvent getTrigger() 
 protected final  void postDragSourceDragEvent(int targetAction,
    int modifiers,
    int x,
    int y,
    int dispatchType) 
 public  void quitSecondaryEventLoop() 
 public  void setCursor(Cursor c) throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
    set cursor
 public static  void setDragDropInProgress(boolean b) throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
 protected synchronized  void setNativeContext(long ctxt) 
 abstract protected  void setNativeCursor(long nativeCtxt,
    Cursor c,
    int cType)
    downcall into native code
 protected synchronized  void setTrigger(DragGestureEvent dge) 
 abstract protected  void startDrag(Transferable trans,
    long[] formats,
    Map formatMap)
 public  void startDrag(DragSourceContext dsc,
    Cursor c,
    Image di,
    Point p) throws InvalidDnDOperationException 
    initiate a DnD operation ...
 public  void startSecondaryEventLoop() 
    Synchro messages in AWT
 public  void transferablesFlavorsChanged() 
    Notify the peer that the transferables' DataFlavors have changed. No longer useful as the transferables are determined at the time of the drag.