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class: CompositionAreaHandler [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    InputMethodListener, InputMethodRequests

A composition area handler handles events and input method requests for the composition area. Typically each input method context has its own composition area handler if it supports passive clients or below-the-spot input, but all handlers share a single composition area.
 CompositionAreaHandler(InputMethodContext context) 
    Constructs the composition area handler.
Method from sun.awt.im.CompositionAreaHandler Summary:
cancelLatestCommittedText,   caretPositionChanged,   closeCompositionArea,   getClientInputMethodRequests,   getCommittedText,   getCommittedTextLength,   getInsertPositionOffset,   getLocationOffset,   getSelectedText,   getTextLocation,   grabCompositionArea,   inputMethodTextChanged,   isCompositionAreaVisible,   processInputMethodEvent,   releaseCompositionArea,   setClientComponent,   setCompositionAreaUndecorated,   setCompositionAreaVisible
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Method from sun.awt.im.CompositionAreaHandler Detail:
 public AttributedCharacterIterator cancelLatestCommittedText(Attribute[] attributes) 
 public  void caretPositionChanged(InputMethodEvent event) 
 static  void closeCompositionArea() 
    Releases and closes the composition area if it has been created, independent of the current owner.
 InputMethodRequests getClientInputMethodRequests() 
    Returns the input method request handler of the client component. When using the composition window for an active client (below-the-spot input), input method requests that do not relate to the display of the composed text are forwarded to the client component.
 public AttributedCharacterIterator getCommittedText(int beginIndex,
    int endIndex,
    Attribute[] attributes) 
 public int getCommittedTextLength() 
 public int getInsertPositionOffset() 
 public TextHitInfo getLocationOffset(int x,
    int y) 
 public AttributedCharacterIterator getSelectedText(Attribute[] attributes) 
 public Rectangle getTextLocation(TextHitInfo offset) 
  void grabCompositionArea(boolean doUpdate) 
    Grabs the composition area, makes this handler its owner, and installs the handler and its input context into the composition area for event and input method request handling. If doUpdate is true, updates the composition area with previously sent composed text.
 public  void inputMethodTextChanged(InputMethodEvent event) 
 boolean isCompositionAreaVisible() 
    Returns whether the composition area is currently visible
  void processInputMethodEvent(InputMethodEvent event) 
  void releaseCompositionArea() 
    Releases and closes the composition area if it is currently owned by this composition area handler.
  void setClientComponent(Component clientComponent) 
  void setCompositionAreaUndecorated(boolean undecorated) 
    set the compositionArea frame decoration
  void setCompositionAreaVisible(boolean visible) 
    Shows or hides the composition Area