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public class: InputContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ComponentListener, WindowListener

Direct Known Subclasses:

This InputContext class contains parts of the implementation of java.text.im.InputContext. These parts have been moved here to avoid exposing protected members that are needed by the subclass InputMethodContext.
 protected InputContext() 
Method from sun.awt.im.InputContext Summary:
changeInputMethod,   componentHidden,   componentMoved,   componentResized,   componentShown,   disableNativeIM,   dispatchEvent,   dispose,   enableClientWindowNotification,   endComposition,   getClientComponent,   getComponentWindow,   getInputMethodControlObject,   getInputMethodInfo,   getInputMethodLocator,   getLocale,   isCompositionEnabled,   reconvert,   removeNotify,   selectInputMethod,   setCharacterSubsets,   setCompositionEnabled,   windowActivated,   windowClosed,   windowClosing,   windowDeactivated,   windowDeiconified,   windowIconified,   windowOpened
Methods from java.awt.im.InputContext:
dispatchEvent,   dispose,   endComposition,   getInputMethodControlObject,   getInstance,   getLocale,   isCompositionEnabled,   reconvert,   removeNotify,   selectInputMethod,   setCharacterSubsets,   setCompositionEnabled
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Method from sun.awt.im.InputContext Detail:
 synchronized  void changeInputMethod(InputMethodLocator newLocator) 
    Switches from the current input method to the one described by newLocator. The current input method, if any, is asked to end composition, deactivated, and saved for future use. The newLocator is made the current locator. If the input context is active, an input method instance for the new locator is obtained; otherwise this is deferred until required.
 public  void componentHidden(ComponentEvent e) 
 public  void componentMoved(ComponentEvent e) 
 public  void componentResized(ComponentEvent e) 
 public  void componentShown(ComponentEvent e) 
 public  void disableNativeIM() 
    Turns off the native IM. The native IM is diabled when the deactive method of InputMethod is called. It is delayed until the active method is called on a different peer component. This method is provided to explicitly disable the native IM.
 public  void dispatchEvent(AWTEvent event) 
 public synchronized  void dispose() 
 synchronized  void enableClientWindowNotification(InputMethod requester,
    boolean enable) 
 public synchronized  void endComposition() 
 Component getClientComponent() 
    Returns the client component.
 static Window getComponentWindow(Component component) 
 public synchronized Object getInputMethodControlObject() 
 public String getInputMethodInfo() 
 InputMethodLocator getInputMethodLocator() 
 public Locale getLocale() 
 public boolean isCompositionEnabled() 
 public synchronized  void reconvert() 
 public synchronized  void removeNotify(Component component) 
 public synchronized boolean selectInputMethod(Locale locale) 
 public  void setCharacterSubsets(Subset[] subsets) 
 public  void setCompositionEnabled(boolean enable) 
 public  void windowActivated(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowClosed(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowDeactivated(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowDeiconified(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowIconified(WindowEvent e) 
 public  void windowOpened(WindowEvent e)