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final class: InputMethodLocator [javadoc | source]
Provides complete information to make and handle the selection of an input method and a locale. Immutable class.
 InputMethodLocator(InputMethodDescriptor descriptor,
    ClassLoader loader,
    Locale locale) 
Method from sun.awt.im.InputMethodLocator Summary:
deriveLocator,   equals,   getActionCommandString,   getClassLoader,   getDescriptor,   getLocale,   hashCode,   isLocaleAvailable,   sameInputMethod
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Method from sun.awt.im.InputMethodLocator Detail:
 InputMethodLocator deriveLocator(Locale forLocale) 
    Returns an input method locator that has locale forLocale, but otherwise the same data as this locator. Does not check whether the input method actually supports forLocale - use #isLocaleAvailable for that.
 public boolean equals(Object other) 
 String getActionCommandString() 
    Returns a string that can be used as an action command string. The first part of the string identifies the input method; it does not include '\n'. If getLocale is not null, getLocale().toString() is appended, separated by '\n'.
 ClassLoader getClassLoader() 
 InputMethodDescriptor getDescriptor() 
 Locale getLocale() 
 public int hashCode() 
 boolean isLocaleAvailable(Locale locale) 
    Returns whether support for locale is available from the input method.
 boolean sameInputMethod(InputMethodLocator other) 
    Returns whether this and other describe the same input method engine, ignoring the locale setting.