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class: DefaultShellFolder [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable, Serializable

Fields inherited from sun.awt.shell.ShellFolder:
Fields inherited from java.io.File:
separatorChar,  separator,  pathSeparatorChar,  pathSeparator,  $assertionsDisabled
 DefaultShellFolder(ShellFolder parent,
    File f) 
    Create a file system shell folder from a file
Method from sun.awt.shell.DefaultShellFolder Summary:
getDisplayName,   getExecutableType,   getFolderType,   getLinkLocation,   isHidden,   isLink,   listFiles,   writeReplace
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canRead,   canWrite,   compareTo,   createNewFile,   delete,   deleteOnExit,   exists,   get,   getAbsoluteFile,   getDisplayName,   getExecutableType,   getFolderColumnValue,   getFolderColumnValue,   getFolderColumns,   getFolderColumns,   getFolderType,   getIcon,   getLinkLocation,   getNormalizedFile,   getParent,   getParentFile,   getShellFolder,   invoke,   invoke,   isAbsolute,   isComputerNode,   isDirectory,   isFile,   isFileSystem,   isFileSystemRoot,   isLink,   lastModified,   length,   listFiles,   listFiles,   mkdir,   mkdirs,   renameTo,   setLastModified,   setReadOnly,   sort,   sortChildren,   toString,   writeReplace
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Method from sun.awt.shell.DefaultShellFolder Detail:
 public String getDisplayName() 
 public String getExecutableType() 
 public String getFolderType() 
 public ShellFolder getLinkLocation() 
 public boolean isHidden() 
 public boolean isLink() 
 public File[] listFiles() 
 protected Object writeReplace() throws ObjectStreamException 
    This method is implemented to make sure that no instances of ShellFolder are ever serialized. An instance of this default implementation can always be represented with a java.io.File object instead.