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abstract public class: ShellFolder [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    Comparable, Serializable

Direct Known Subclasses:
    DefaultShellFolder, Win32ShellFolder2

Nested Class Summary:
public static interface  ShellFolder.Invoker  Interface allowing to invoke tasks in different environments on different platforms. 
Field Summary
protected  ShellFolder parent     
Fields inherited from java.io.File:
separatorChar,  separator,  pathSeparatorChar,  pathSeparator,  $assertionsDisabled
 ShellFolder(ShellFolder parent,
    String pathname) 
    Create a file system shell folder from a file
Method from sun.awt.shell.ShellFolder Summary:
canRead,   canWrite,   compareTo,   createNewFile,   delete,   deleteOnExit,   exists,   get,   getAbsoluteFile,   getDisplayName,   getExecutableType,   getFolderColumnValue,   getFolderColumnValue,   getFolderColumns,   getFolderColumns,   getFolderType,   getIcon,   getLinkLocation,   getNormalizedFile,   getParent,   getParentFile,   getShellFolder,   invoke,   invoke,   isAbsolute,   isComputerNode,   isDirectory,   isFile,   isFileSystem,   isFileSystemRoot,   isLink,   lastModified,   length,   listFiles,   listFiles,   mkdir,   mkdirs,   renameTo,   setLastModified,   setReadOnly,   sort,   sortChildren,   toString,   writeReplace
Methods from java.io.File:
access$000,   canExecute,   canRead,   canWrite,   compareTo,   compareTo,   createNewFile,   createTempFile,   createTempFile,   delete,   deleteOnExit,   equals,   exists,   getAbsoluteFile,   getAbsolutePath,   getCanonicalFile,   getCanonicalPath,   getFreeSpace,   getName,   getParent,   getParentFile,   getPath,   getPrefixLength,   getTotalSpace,   getUsableSpace,   hashCode,   isAbsolute,   isDirectory,   isFile,   isHidden,   lastModified,   length,   list,   list,   listFiles,   listFiles,   listFiles,   listRoots,   mkdir,   mkdirs,   renameTo,   setExecutable,   setExecutable,   setLastModified,   setReadOnly,   setReadable,   setReadable,   setWritable,   setWritable,   toString,   toURI,   toURL
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from sun.awt.shell.ShellFolder Detail:
 public boolean canRead() 
 public boolean canWrite() 
    Returns true if folder allows creation of children. True for the "Desktop" folder, but false for the "My Computer" folder.
 public int compareTo(File file2) 
    Compares this ShellFolder with the specified ShellFolder for order.
 public boolean createNewFile() throws IOException 
 public boolean delete() 
 public  void deleteOnExit() 
 public boolean exists() 
 public static Object get(String key) 
 public File getAbsoluteFile() 
 abstract public String getDisplayName()
 abstract public String getExecutableType()
 public Object getFolderColumnValue(int column) 
 public static Object getFolderColumnValue(File file,
    int column) 
 public ShellFolderColumnInfo[] getFolderColumns() 
 public static ShellFolderColumnInfo[] getFolderColumns(File dir) 
 abstract public String getFolderType()
 public Image getIcon(boolean getLargeIcon) 
 abstract public ShellFolder getLinkLocation() throws FileNotFoundException
 public static File getNormalizedFile(File f) throws IOException 
    Canonicalizes files that don't have symbolic links in their path. Normalizes files that do, preserving symbolic links from being resolved.
 public String getParent() 
    Returns the path for this object's parent, or null if this object does not name a parent folder.
 public File getParentFile() 
    Returns a File object representing this object's parent, or null if this object does not name a parent folder.
 public static ShellFolder getShellFolder(File file) throws FileNotFoundException 
    Return a shell folder from a file object
 public static T invoke(Callable<T> task) 
    Invokes the {@code task} which doesn't throw checked exceptions from its {@code call} method. If invokation is interrupted then Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted() will be set and result will be {@code null}
 public static T invoke(Callable<T> task,
    Class<E> exceptionClass) throws InterruptedException, E 
    Invokes the {@code task} which throws checked exceptions from its {@code call} method. If invokation is interrupted then Thread.currentThread().isInterrupted() will be set and InterruptedException will be thrown as well.
 public boolean isAbsolute() 
 public static boolean isComputerNode(File dir) 
    Does dir represent a "computer" such as a node on the network, or "My Computer" on the desktop.
 public boolean isDirectory() 
 public boolean isFile() 
 public boolean isFileSystem() 
 public static boolean isFileSystemRoot(File dir) 
 abstract public boolean isLink()
 public long lastModified() 
 public long length() 
 public File[] listFiles() 
 public File[] listFiles(boolean includeHiddenFiles) 
 public boolean mkdir() 
 public boolean mkdirs() 
 public boolean renameTo(File dest) 
 public boolean setLastModified(long time) 
 public boolean setReadOnly() 
 public static  void sort(List<File> files) 
 public  void sortChildren(List<File> files) 
 public String toString() 
 abstract protected Object writeReplace() throws ObjectStreamException
    This method must be implemented to make sure that no instances of ShellFolder are ever serialized. If isFileSystem() returns true, then the object should be representable with an instance of java.io.File instead. If not, then the object is most likely depending on some internal (native) state and cannot be serialized.