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Abstract Classes:

TranslucentWindowPainter   This class handles the updates of the non-opaque windows.  code | html
TranslucentWindowPainter.VIOptWindowPainter   Optimized version of hw painter.  code | html
WComponentPeer     code | html
WObjectPeer     code | html
WTextComponentPeer     code | html


EHTMLReadMode     code | html
HTMLCodec   on decode: This stream takes an InputStream which provides data in CF_HTML format, strips off the description and context to extract the original HTML data.  code | html
ThemeReader   Implements Theme Support for Windows XP.  code | html
TranslucentWindowPainter.BIWindowPainter   A painter which uses BufferedImage as the internal buffer.  code | html
TranslucentWindowPainter.VIOptD3DWindowPainter     code | html
TranslucentWindowPainter.VIOptWGLWindowPainter     code | html
TranslucentWindowPainter.VIWindowPainter   A version of the painter which uses VolatileImage as the internal buffer.  code | html
WBufferStrategy   This sun-private class exists solely to get a handle to the back buffer associated with a Component.  code | html
WButtonPeer     code | html
WCanvasPeer     code | html
WCheckboxMenuItemPeer     code | html
WCheckboxPeer     code | html
WChoicePeer     code | html
WClipboard   A class which interfaces with the Windows clipboard in order to support data transfer via Clipboard operations.  code | html
WColor     code | html
WCustomCursor   A class to encapsulate a custom image-based cursor.  code | html
WDataTransferer   Platform-specific support for the data transfer subsystem.  code | html
WDefaultFontCharset     code | html
WDefaultFontCharset.Encoder     code | html
WDesktopPeer   Concrete implementation of the interface DesktopPeer for the Windows platform.  code | html
WDesktopProperties     code | html
WDesktopProperties.WinPlaySound     code | html
WDialogPeer     code | html


code | html

The WDropTargetContextPeer class is the class responsible for handling the interaction between the win32 DnD system and Java. 

code | html
WDropTargetContextPeerFileStream   package private class to handle file transfers  code | html
WDropTargetContextPeerIStream   Package private class to access IStream objects  code | html
WEmbeddedFrame     code | html
WEmbeddedFramePeer     code | html
WFileDialogPeer     code | html
WFontConfiguration     code | html
WFontMetrics   A font metrics object for a WServer font.  code | html
WFontPeer     code | html
WFramePeer     code | html
WGlobalCursorManager     code | html
WInputMethod     code | html
WInputMethodDescriptor   Provides sufficient information about an input method to enable selection and loading of that input method.  code | html
WKeyboardFocusManagerPeer     code | html
WLabelPeer     code | html
WListPeer     code | html
WMenuBarPeer     code | html
WMenuItemPeer     code | html
WMenuPeer     code | html

This subclass of MouseDragGestureRecognizer defines a DragGestureRecognizer for Mouse based gestures on Win32. 

code | html
WPageDialog     code | html
WPageDialogPeer     code | html
WPanelPeer     code | html
WPathGraphics     code | html
WPopupMenuPeer     code | html
WPrintDialog     code | html
WPrintDialogPeer     code | html
WPrinterJob   A class which initiates and executes a Win32 printer job.  code | html
WPrinterJob.HandleRecord     code | html
WPrinterJob.PrintToFileErrorDialog     code | html
WRobotPeer     code | html
WScrollPanePeer     code | html
WScrollPanePeer.Adjustor     code | html
WScrollPanePeer.ScrollEvent     code | html
WScrollbarPeer     code | html
WSystemTrayPeer     code | html
WTextAreaPeer     code | html
WTextFieldPeer     code | html
WToolkit     code | html
WToolkit.ToolkitDisposer     code | html
WToolkitThreadBlockedHandler     code | html
WTrayIconPeer     code | html
WTrayIconPeer.IconObserver     code | html
WWindowPeer     code | html
WWindowPeer.ActiveWindowListener     code | html
WWindowPeer.GuiDisposedListener     code | html
WingDings     code | html
WingDings.Encoder     code | html